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Worried: 23-year-old bride died on her wedding day due to sedatives


Source: Sputnik

The 23-year-old died on her wedding day after taking an over-the-counter drug from a pharmacy. Sputnik.

Photo: Shutterstock

She bought medicine at the pharmacy, after taking which her health worsened. She died in the hospital. The incident took place in Dagestan, according to the regional department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that the girl was worried and bought the drug at the pharmacy, but after taking the medicine, her condition worsened. She died on admission to the hospital.

On this fact, the investigating authorities organized a pre-investigation check, appointed a forensic medical examination.

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According to the pathologist Alexander Ediger, the sudden death of the bride could have been provoked not only by the medicine taken, but also by other reasons.

“It may be that taking the drug has nothing to do with death. Perhaps she was seriously ill, she could have a sudden cardiac arrest, ”the expert said.

The specialist noted that in such a situation, when a person goes to the pharmacy and buys “some kind of medicine,” this can lead to an immediate intolerance reaction.

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