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Stop Doing It: 8 Things Dangerous to Breast Health



As it turned out, trips to a mammologist and self-examination are not always enough. About 70% of women admitted that their chest hurts periodically, and sometimes it causes irritation and itching. Such a sensitive area of ​​our body requires increased attention to ourselves, as well as proper care. So if you want a healthy and beautiful breast, recommends stopping the following things.

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Remove hair

We all strive to look perfect. And the long and dark hairs around the nipples do not exactly fit into this image. There is nothing criminal in the fact that you want to get rid of them, but do not do it yourself. Pulling or hair removal in this area can cause irritation, as well as ingrown hair, which can then become inflamed. It is better to consult a dermatologist. The doctor has special knowledge in this area and will help to safely remove hated vegetation.

Run with or without a sports sconce

More than 50% of women experience chest pain during exercise. In addition, this part of the body is very mobile during cardio. Did you know that when running or jumping, the chest can rise as much as 21 centimeters? That's why it is necessary to choose the right bra for training. How to do it:

  • Each sport needs its own sconce. There are low, medium and even shockproof models. If you are not sure which one to buy, then consult with the seller.
  • The fabric on the cups should be dense and smooth. If you see wrinkles on it, then the cup is too big.
  • Remember that after 30-40 washes, a sports bra loses its properties.

Wear the wrong bra

A bra should not cause a desire to remove it as soon as possible. If you feel pain or discomfort while wearing, then think again whether you have chosen it correctly. How to find the perfect bra:

  • He should not dig into the sides.
  • Nipples in it are located somewhere in the middle between the shoulder and elbow joints.
  • Belts should not be too tight or leave marks on the shoulders.
  • Make sure that the cup tissue is smooth and that the edges fit snugly against the chest.
  • When taking measurements, then consider the size of both the strap and the cups.
  • It’s better to try on several models to find your exact one.

Do piercing

Of course, everyone has the right to do whatever he wants with his body, but piercing is very dangerous for the health of your breast. Firstly, some women may be allergic to metal. Secondly, with a piercing you run the risk of harming milk production and earning problems in the future when breastfeeding a baby. In addition, with this decoration, sensitivity to pain increases, as well as the risk of developing an abscess.

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Use teip to fix the chest

When you want to wear an open dress, and a bra doesn’t fit for him at all, then adhesive tape or duct tape seems to be the perfect solution. Even stars often resort to this. But this is not the best solution for the health of your breasts. Tape can cause allergies, rashes around the nipples, itching, and even inflammation.

Forget to moisturize the skin of the chest

We do not forget about face cream, hands or feet, but sensitive areas such as breasts are periodically ignored. And she also deserves everyday care. The skin on this part of the body is very thin and quickly loses elasticity. If you want a young and beautiful breast, treat it with lotions and creams.

Do not use deodorant

Hot days or intense workouts will make you sweat pretty. And for the chest, this is not very good. Sensitive skin in this area immediately responds to temperature changes and becomes irritated. This can be avoided by following simple tips:

  • Do not buy bras made of synthetic fabric.
  • Get models with a moisturizing effect (it turns out, and there are such).
  • Use deodorant without aluminum, try special lotions that prevent chest sweating.
  • On the extreme version of the bra cup, you can slightly powder with baby powder, it also absorbs excess moisture.

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Squeeze or tighten the chest

This procedure can lead to bruising and swelling. And they only exacerbate the sensitivity of the chest. If, for some reason, you still need to mask this part of the body, then be extremely careful about it. Do not tighten it too much.

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