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Snack in the car inspired mom to create special containers for food


Source: wsj

Fitness trainer from california Kristin Ahmer sat behind the wheel on the way to their classes. Her little son was sitting in the back seat of a car seat and demanded food. This is a familiar situation for active mothers when they have to combine career, sport and motherhood. Christine handed the child a disposable bag of fruit puree, which the baby immediately poured into herself, into the chair and onto the floor of the car. This small accident can not only spoil the mood of all, but also delay your business for a long time. Especially if you run out of wet wipes, there is no change of clothes and you need to call to warn about late.

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Upon arrival home, Christin Akhmer thought about creating a special container, “squeezing” food, juice or yogurt. Mom quickly sketched a sketch on a napkin, and after 13 months the world came up with a new invention Original squeeze. It was a special elastic reusable container with a special dispenser for applesauce, fruit juices, yoghurts, cereals and other healthy dishes. Food does not pour out of it, if Original squeeze flip or throw on the floor. But the special valve of the drinking pot opens as soon as the baby wants to eat.

Christine sold about 2000 such containers in less than a month. And gradually, the market began to increase, spreading through the major cities of America. And although Original squeeze Designed for 2-year-olds, it is perfect for seniors and people with disabilities. After a while, in 2015, a sports analog appeared on the bottle. Sports squeeze for protein shakes and energy drinks.

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