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Overdone with beauty injections: Alexander Malinin became a copy of his wife


Source: 7 Days

61-year-old artist compared with his wife, writes "7 days".


Alexander Malinin, as fans discovered, became incredibly similar to his wife Emma. The Network is confident that the 61-year-old artist was carried away by anti-aging injections, because of which his face began to look feminine. A discussion of this topic has developed under recent photos of the singer, where he looks like a copy of his wife.

Fans at first could not understand what changes in the face made the artist unrecognizable.

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As a result, they came to the conclusion that the performer seemed to inject fillers and Botox. This smoothed out wrinkles, but greatly changed the proportions of Malinin's face. Or maybe this is just an unsuccessful photoshop?

“How did you look like”, “A classy surgeon, two for the price of one,” the fans will squeak in a discussion of Alexander’s family photo.

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By the way, about the singer’s children: recently he again publicly renounced his daughter Kira, who was born in a marriage with Olga Zarubina. Congratulating his son and daughter on his 19th birthday, he emphasized that only after their birth did he feel the real joy of fatherhood.

Zarubina, unlike Malinin, was not able to build a strong family. Recently, she divorced another husband, after which she turned to a marriage agency to find herself, finally, a faithful life partner, and ran into a marriage swindler.

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