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A pensioner mistakenly invited a stranger to Thanksgiving: for 4 of the year they celebrate it together


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In 2016, Arizona resident Wanda Dench sent a telephone invitation message to Thanksgiving dinner for her 24-year-old grandson. The woman did not know that he had changed the phone number, and her message came to a complete stranger - 17-year-old Jamal Hinton.

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At first the young man was also taken aback. He decided that his grandmother sent SMS - but she did not know how to use a smartphone, they write Facts.

Then Wanda and Jamal exchanged selfies and clarified the misunderstanding. And when Hinton asked if her invitation was still valid and if there was a plate for him, Dench answered: “Of course, come. This is what grandmothers do - they feed everyone. ”

And Jamal has come. He and Wanda liked each other so much that she invited the guy to a festive family dinner next year.

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According to the ABC channel, this has become a tradition. And now for the fourth year, Hinton celebrates Thanksgiving with Dench and her family. He says that they became his second family. The young man has already introduced them to his girlfriend Michaela.

And 62-year-old Wanda jokes that she has become one grandson more.

By the way, in 2016, Hinton posted his correspondence with Wanda on Twitter - after which both became an Internet sensation. I just forgot to hide the phone number of Mrs. Dench in the screenshots. Within a couple of hours, the woman received more than 600 messages in which strangers asked her for dinner. So she had to change the number.

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