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Partnership Labor: Pros and Cons

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Disputes about whether the father of the unborn child should take part in the birth process from beginning to end, have not subsided for a long time. And each couple solves this issue individually.
The decision must be made by both parents, and it must be balanced and deliberate. Because jokes about a fainted father are not jokes. Not every male psyche is able to withstand stress and excitement during this crucial period.
In order to make a decision, you should read the relevant literature together or watch a video that will help the future father in assessing his strength.

Advantages of joint birth:
1. Establishing contact with a newborn baby. The birth of a child is a touching and happy event for every family, despite all the difficulties with which it is associated. The first glance and first breath of a baby are those moments that a young dad will never be able to forget. Moreover, after birth, the baby does not fall asleep, but looks at the world into which he came. And after all the necessary manipulations, the doctors give the newborn to the parents - in this way the dad can become the first close person who took the baby in his arms.
In order to hug his crumb, dad does not have to be present at all phases of labor.

2. Parental instinct. Psychologists say that men who were present at the birth of their children are more quickly included in the role of the parent, literally within the first few minutes. Those men who have not been present usually need from a few weeks to a few months to become aware of themselves as a dad.
In addition, cutting the umbilical cord symbolizes responsibility for the unborn child. For a woman, this whole process takes place in a natural way, since childbirth is not only a physical, but also a powerful psychological experience.

3. Physical and psychological support. Future dad can significantly facilitate a woman almost all phases of childbirth. Together to breathe, to maintain when walking in the prenatal state, to hold hands - any help is important, especially if the future parents have close emotional contact.

4. Awareness of the role of women. After being present at such an important event, the man begins to look somewhat differently at his own wife, as well as at women in general. There is a careful and touching respect, especially for young mothers and pregnant women.
In order to avoid aesthetic problems after joint labor, modern doctors close the woman’s body during the birth process itself or offer the future father to go through all the phases before and after, and skip the moment itself.

Photo: depositphotos

Cons of childbirth:
1. Emotions. This is perhaps the most common problem, due to which couples can not go this way together. In addition to the aforementioned fainting, there are other problems - the future father interferes with the work of doctors. Also, if some elements of the psychoemotional state of instability are observed in a man, then there is a chance to get postpartum depression, which is much harder than in women. Anxiety, apathy and escape from reality. Therefore, before making a decision, it is worth going to a consultation with a psychoanalyst.

2. Isolation of oxytocin. During the birth process, the release of the hormone oxytocin in a woman’s body is very important, since it is this hormone that is responsible for the ease and naturalness of the birth process. Doctors argue that the presence of a man in a tense state does not help to release this hormone, but on the contrary - it hinders. The woman becomes nervous and tense, which prevents oxytocin from being released in the right amount.

3. Concentration. Nature took care of a woman during childbirth, endowing her with the ability to almost completely shut off the brain during childbirth. That is why women almost do not remember the process of childbirth after some time. Only the presence effect is preserved, and the rest is in the fog. The presence of a partner can significantly interfere, as the woman concentrates on the man and that part of the brain, the neocortex, which is responsible for the shutdown, is tense. This is another reason why a man should not be present at all phases of labor.

4. Unpredictable. The process of childbirth is associated not only with physical stress in women, but also with psychological stress in both partners. Some women may start saying things that are unpleasant for a man during labor. And after - a woman will forget or will vaguely remember, but it will be hard for a man to forget and sometimes forgive. In addition, if a man is unpredictable, then it is worth weighing all the pros and cons, as there have been cases when, instead of helping a woman in labor, doctors were forced to put out the hysteria of the future father, for whom the psychological burden was great.

In any case, the decision is made only by future parents, based on their own desires and preparation. It is important to be ready for any surprise.

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