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The guy lost his bride because of a cheap gift to her parents

04.12.2021, 16: 56 EST

A source: Data

In Taiwan, the girl threw a lover after she learned how much money he was going to donate to her parents for the Chinese New Year, according to local publications.

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It is reported that a resident of Taiwan shared his correspondence with the former girlfriend on social networks, they write Data. According to her, after two months of relations, the girl called a guy to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their parents. Before the celebration, she asked the guy how much money he put in red gift envelopes for her parents.

The man admitted that he planned to give 7,2 thousands of new Taiwan dollars (230 US dollars). This amount did not suit his girlfriend.

“This is Chinese New Year, not a wedding dinner! You do not think that this is not enough? I hope you do not care about me. There will be many relatives there, you have to respect my parents, ”she wrote to him and demanded to give 13,2 thousands of new Taiwan dollars (430 US dollars).

The Chinese tried to argue the lover and noticed that their “life values ​​do not converge a bit”, which could lead to conflicts in the future. The girl got angry and announced the breakup.

In the comments to the material, users supported the man and accused his former girlfriend of mercantile spirit. However, some have suggested that the gap could have been avoided if the girl had presented his parents the same amount.

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