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The guy miraculously saved his girlfriend, wounded in the heart in Las Vegas. A PHOTO


Source: Telegraph

After being wounded in the heart region, received during the shooting in Las Vegas, a young California resident Christine Kitkat miraculously survived thanks to the prompt actions of her boyfriend Kelly Culbertson, who works as a fireman, writes Telegraph.

Christina and Kelly came to the concert to listen to country music - a young man bought tickets as a birthday present for a girl. After hearing the shots, the couple realized that they were at the very center of what was happening. Like many guests of the concert, Kelly thought that someone brought fireworks for the holiday, and did not understand why it scared everyone.

Suddenly the girl turned to him and said: "I find it difficult to breathe." The 27-year-old firefighter used all of his knowledge of first aid to quickly assess the nature of his beloved's injury and take her to safety. Christina was taken to the hospital in one of the trucks that arrived at the festival and used to transport the wounded. The girl required emergency open-heart surgery - it turned out that the bullet also pierced her arm, leading the coronary artery and lungs. There were four holes in the heart. The doctors told the family that the girl miraculously survived.

Culbertson said in an interview, “We firefighters have an expression - prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. I hoped never to see, survive and observe the consequences of this. ” Now his girlfriend is recovering at the hospital and plans to celebrate her XNUMXth birthday next week.

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