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A couple from Texas played a vampire wedding for $ 120 thousand


Source: Life

30-year-old Logan South and 28-year-old Catherine Daly consider themselves the main vampires in Austin, Texas. Therefore, when the couple decided to get married, there could be no doubt - the wedding should be done only in the style of vampires, writes Life.

Initially, Logan South and Catherine Daley planned to spend no more than 30 thousand dollars on their wedding, but when the preparations were under way, the lovers realized that the real costs would exceed the original version four times.

But the king and queen of vampires wanted a truly royal wedding, which means they had to go for it. However, after the magnificent celebration, the newlyweds agreed - the vampire ball was worth it.

“We had no idea how much it would cost us. As a result, our eyes were much larger than our wallet, ”says Catherine Daly.

A special suit was ordered for the groom. Its design matches the costume of Count Dracula. But the bride could not refuse the white wedding dress, to which she added a tiara to emphasize her royal status.

“We wanted a unique wedding that nonetheless had some traditional elements,” says Daly.

From the traditions, the newlyweds couple also used such a classic element as the newlyweds dance and the guest book.

And, of course, not without a wedding cake, though in the form of an ancient castle with a bat.

The wedding was attended by 300 guests, and everything that was not eaten was transferred to homeless shelters, and flowers to hospitals and nursing homes.

The entire budget of the wedding event was 120 thousand dollars. Catherine said that most of the money went to renting rooms, flowers and food. But the bride bought a chic white dress on sale.

“We are very happy with the way it went, but we would still prefer to stay on budget,” says Catherine.

The voyage of the king and queen of vampires after the wedding, naturally was planned for Romania, the home of the king of vampires, Count Dracula.

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