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'Dad said that my child is lagging behind in development': Julia Menshova spoke about her father's criticism


Source: StarHit

Julia Menshova talked about her relationship with her father and admitted that before, Vladimir Valentinovich often gave her advice on raising children. The director was sure that the grandchildren did not receive a sufficient level of knowledge, but then changed his mind.


On September 17, director Vladimir Menshov turned 80 years old. It is still difficult for the filmmaker to believe in his advanced age, because he leads an equally active and eventful life. Only now, constant shooting has been replaced by family concerns, writes StarHit.

The director does not hide the fact that in his youth he did not pay enough attention to the daughter of Julia. “Dad was always on business trips, mom in the theater at rehearsals. I was not the only child with a key around his neck and dinner that was waiting on the stove. Then everyone lived like that. Parents ordered me to do homework, then go to bed, and they left for the whole day, ”the heiress of the director admitted on the air of the program“ The Fate of a Man ”.


In 1997, Vladimir Valentinovich became the grandfather for the first time - his grandson Andrei was born. For the sake of taking care of her son, Julia temporarily abandoned her creative ambitions. Every day she had to listen to the recommendations of mom and dad, who were sure that the baby was not developing fast enough.

“After the birth of Andrei, Dad kept giving advices to stay ahead. He asked why the grandson does not go in half a year? Why is he still not talking at eight months old? When I replied that it was too early for him, Dad said no, they say that we are raising him badly, the boy is lagging behind in development, ”said Julia.

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Six years later, the granddaughter of the director Taisiya was born, who is now his main favorite. Vladimir Valentinovich calls the heiress the angel, trying to spend every free minute with her. However, the director is upset that while the girl does not like creative professions, and therefore she is not going to enter a theater university.


Of course, the Menshov family also had their difficult periods. So, many years ago, the director parted with his wife Vera Alentova. They did not live together for 4 of the year, but then they realized that they still loved each other. By an amazing coincidence, Julia repeated the fate of her parents: she also seriously quarreled with her husband, but then resurrected the relationship.

“Yes, Julia was left with two children. He and Igor needed time to realize the problems in their relationship. Indeed, fate is not given just like that, it comes from somewhere above. It so happened that Julia repeated our path in this, but parting changed their relationship with her husband for the better, ”the director admitted.

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Vladimir Valentinovich never hid that he was proud of his daughter and grandchildren. Now the director rarely acts in films, and does not implement his own projects. But the director always has time to stay close to relatives.

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