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Harmful beauty habits: 7 categorical 'no' everyday makeup



What should be different mascara for rare eyelashes from mascara for thick? How to choose a rouge just for yourself and why is it so important to tint eyebrows correctly? Makeup artist Olga Kovalenko told about what can and can not be done in everyday make-up, and explained why.

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Incorrect basic care

The first stage - moisturizing, writes Improper care of the skin leads to dehydration and flaking. Skin looks dull and lifeless. Often this happens because girls do not know their skin type. Dry, for example, mate and turn into even more dried.

If you have questions, make-up artist recommends contacting a cosmetologist. The specialist will competently evaluate the type of skin, its condition and give recommendations for care.

- It does not hurt to find a competent care system. Exfoliate is recommended no more than once a week, moisturize constantly, especially in winter.

Use a lot of foundation

Many girls sin by choosing too thick or dark shade of foundation. Also, ignore moisturizing before using it.

- It is better to choose a concealer with a light texture. It, like any other cream, must be selected in accordance with the type of skin. This is a common mistake that I observe. For example, for dry skin use too dense, matting texture. As a result, the skin on the face looks untidy. There is a stucco or grilled chicken effect.

Also, according to the makeup artist, do not overdry the area under the eyes. When choosing concealer, it is desirable to give preference to moisturizing products. A dry area under the eyes "opens" a large number of facial wrinkles. A girl seems older than she really is.

It is not recommended to lighten the area too much under the eyes. This will emphasize the volume and visually create the feeling of bags under the eyes.

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Abuse of tan and refusal of sunscreen

- This is another typical mistake of modern girls. I agree, a natural tan makes us expressive and sexy, but you should not abuse your stay in the sun.

Yellow, tan-dried skin looks fading and unhealthy. Makeup artist recommends using sunscreen during sun exposure. Cosmetics with an SPF factor will not interfere as early as mid-February, when the sun begins to be included in active work.

- Now it is not fashionable to be tanned. This leads to premature aging.

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Creating too dark and graphic eyebrows

Eyebrow, according to Olga, is an important line on the face. Eyebrows express emotions. If you choose the wrong shape and color, you can add to the appearance not only age, but also fatigue and gloominess.

- Girls often make eyebrows too dark and graphic. The mistake is also in the fact that many carefully draw the base of the eyebrows, but forget about their tips.

Too dark and wide eyebrows look, as a rule, cumbersome and inappropriate. Especially on blondes and blond. Thin eyebrows add to the image for several years.

- To select the shape and color of eyebrows, I would recommend using the services of specialists. Beautiful eyebrows - one of the basic rules of a well-groomed girl. Maintain the beauty of the eyebrows can be independently using special gels and mascara.

Inaccurately applied eyeliner and mascara

In this case, the image of the girl may even repel. After all, it turns out to be sloppy. Eyeliner lumps, mascara showered.

- It's like dirt under the nails. Better complete lack of eye makeup than untidiness. Try to avoid a clear eyeliner of the lower ciliary edge - it visually narrows the eyes. If you like to sum up your eyes, use the beauty life hacking: paint the upper ciliary contour with a pencil and blend it. An elegant haze adds expressiveness. This technique does not require skill in drawing arrows and perfectly emphasizes the eyes.

The makeup artist also recalls that, in addition to the black pencil, you can use other shades. For example, deep green (emerald) or eggplant. These options will suit the owners of green eyes and those who have brown eyes. For blue-eyed can recommend shades of brown.

The golden rule of a well-groomed girl is that the mascara on her eyelashes does not crumble under any circumstances. Eyelashes at the same time should be combed, and not stuck together.

Those who have thin and rare eyelashes, make-up artist recommends choosing bulk mascara. Owners of thick - extending with a silicone brush. It should not be applied several layers of mascara. It's not beautiful.

- If during the makeup of the eyelashes you have stained the skin with mascara, do not take a cotton swab, slobber it and wipe the mascara. Better wait, let the tool dry on the skin, then gently scrape it off with a brush. Otherwise, a “hole” is formed on the face in the tonal tool.

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Abuse of powder, highlighter, bronzer or rouge

The overdried powdered skin looks “plastered”, so if you use this product, choose transparent (colorless) finely ground powders and use them delicately.

- Another mistake - excess highlighter. They can create the feeling that the skin is oily. Again, this looks repulsive and untidy. Excess bronzer and blush will make your image a blogger.

The make-up artist says that the incorrect application of these products can create a “image of Marfushi” with scarlet cheeks or simply the effect of a dirty face. That is why the means for sculpting must be used metered and carefully. White skin is better to choose beige and porcelain shades of the highlighter. Dark skinned girls are golden. Tanned - bronze shades.

- It is undesirable to use too red or pink blush. This cosmetic should match the natural color of the lips. Blush should be applied to the cheek area "apple" and then shade them. Properly selected blush refreshes the face, giving the image a more youthful and healthy look.

Drawing the dark contour of the lips

According to the make-up artist, the dark contour of the lips and an excessive amount of gloss looks messy and even gone. In everyday makeup is better to use lipstick light texture of natural shades or translucent gloss.

- Tinta for lips have become popular lately. They emphasize the natural color of the lips.

As for the contour, the lip liner and lipstick should be almost the same shade. Another use is an error.

- In addition to properly applied makeup, freshness gives the image a smile. For beauty and health should not be neglected walks, proper nutrition and drinking regime. It is important not to forget to remove cosmetics at night. It is useful to arrange fasting days. For example, do not use cosmetics at least once a week. Leather is the first thing that says about our age. In 25, we have skin that nature has given, and in 45 we have the skin we deserve.

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