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Millionaire's hunter told how to interest and keep a man


Source: The Sun

An expert on "hunting" rich men with 20 years of experience, Australian Luanna Ward specializes not only in dating the rich, but also teaches this art (or science?) To young ladies.

For a course of lectures on how to "pick up" and keep on the hook a wealthy man, Luanna takes about 15 thousand Australian dollars (about 12 thousand American). On her Facebook page, the expert gave some free advice to girls who want to interest a millionaire. Ward spoke about what can alienate an enviable gentleman from youtelling The Sun

Abundance of cosmetics

According to Ward, excessive efforts to make yourself even more beautiful often lead to the exact opposite effect - a thick make-up kills the impression of a man in the bud. Nobody wants to see peeling "plaster", smudged eyeshadow or foundation on their clothes or bedding. Moreover, such makeup is very noticeable up close.

Date gossip
Men, and the more rich (who often have something to hide), cannot tolerate women discussing other people during a meeting or a date. It is equally bad to speak negatively about both other men and girls. It will look like an attempt to assert oneself, to charge oneself at someone else’s expense.

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"A man in a skirt"

Even if you are a successful career woman with a solid bank account, you should not emphasize this in front of a man and fight to prove that you are right in all matters. Stay female. According to Luanna, her acquaintances are rich men say: if we wanted to meet with men, then we would have done just that. Remember that a man is a conqueror by nature, not a competitor to a woman.

Obvious plastic face

Sometimes plastic surgery is really needed - but you should not get carried away. It's one thing to slightly tweak the shape of the nose or eyelids, it's quite another to have puffy lips, unnaturally pumped cheekbones and barely noticeable eyes after the suspenders.

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Smiled smile

If a person smiles all the time - his smile can stop believing, the expert believes. Luanna says that if you depict a person who is constantly smiling, agrees with everything and is always in a great mood, a man can perceive it as false.

Oh, by the way, eat on a date. Men hate women who pretend to peck like birds. Stay yourself and try to feel comfortable.

"Drama Queen"

Grandma says the secret: be weak, and he wants to save you. In fact, this is not quite true, Luanna is convinced. Yes, men like to feel their importance, but if you constantly have everything bad, if you tend to dramatize everything, no one will like it.

Too frank clothes

Surprise - it does not work in your favor. Luanna argues that too deep cleavage and a tiny mini will be a bad choice to communicate with a man if you are committed to long-term relationships. In addition, you can not try to get into clothes that you frankly small, or wear clothes out of season.

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