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Relations with neighbors in the USA: what is accepted and what is inappropriate


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Whether you live in your house or rent apartments in a town house, you will still have neighbors. The orders, foundations and mentality of Americans are very different from ours, and accordingly the relations between neighbors in America will be different. Today I’ll talk about how Americans cope with the role of neighbors: what is accepted and what is inappropriate in these relations.

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Come to meet newcomers

If you enter a new house or apartment in a normal area, then after a couple of days you can wait for a visit from your neighbors in the street or house, says the channel Zen.Yandex Oleksandra Ukrainko, author of the blog “Between New York and Boston”. With a constant smile and a cookie on duty (or even a bottle of wine), your neighbors will very likely come to exchange a few words with you and wish you a good arrangement.

This courtesy visit is a kind of tradition, and its main purpose is to learn more about you. For them, you are a stranger who bought a house next door and now can become a wonderful neighbor, and maybe a potential violator of the foundations of their usual life.

Imagine you live in a good prosperous area, and then a biker drove into a neighboring house. And now, every evening and weekend, his friends will come to him. There will be noise, exhaust fumes, it will become unsafe for children and animals, the street will cease to be prestigious and the price of the property you own will fall.

Perhaps I am exaggerating a little, but the neighbors often think so, wanting to meet a newcomer who has just arrived. They cannot influence the choice of a neighbor, but they consider it their duty to find out what a stranger who will live in the ranks is. "Keep your friends close and your neighbors even closer!" - something like this.

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Are not indifferent

If the neighbors become witnesses of violations of the law, then usually they report it to the police, and do not let everything go by chance.

They often write to me in the comments that “knocking” is not accepted here. Are people ready to become victims of a vicious circle? They do not like that someone is drinking beer and yelling songs on a bench in their yard, but they cannot call and tell where they should be for ethical reasons? "I'm not a snitch!" And then the next morning he refuses: a dirty courtyard, littered with bottles and the remains of a ram, the bench is broken, and someone went to the entrance to relieve themselves. And who suffered the most from this: the one who did not knock, or those who drank all night?

American neighbors will not even have any moral torment about this. The law and the rules are the same for everyone. It's supposed to clean up after the dog - clean up! I don’t want to step into a dog's “gift” on my morning run! It's supposed to clean the snow and knock down the ice in front of your house - go ahead! I walk along these paths, I should be comfortable! At the same time, there is no need to quarrel and scandal - the police will remind you of the duties.

Planning to host - warn neighbors

Having a party at your home in a sleeping area? It is better to warn the neighbors from the houses closest to you about this. Guests usually arrive by car and it is not always possible to accommodate everyone in their territory. As practice shows, some are parked opposite the houses of neighbors. Suspicious and unfamiliar cars parked near the neighbor’s house can be a reason to contact the police. Why do you need extra proceedings?

You can not worry about your packages

Parcels in America are usually left in front of the front door of the house or downstairs near the mailboxes in high-rise buildings. Even if a new iPhone Xs or a Star Wars Chewbacca collectible figure is delivered to you, this package will be left at your doorstep. She is insured, if anything. And the all-seeing neighbors are always on the alert and thereby control the process of preservation. However, some parcels require personal collection (depending on the marks made when ordering) - and here the neighbors will be able to help you if you have a good relationship with them.

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Neighborhood Oversight

This is a volunteer movement whose mission is to prevent crime and vandalism in the city. This society consists of not indifferent residents of the area, who donate their time to this business for free. The movement arose back in the 60s, but it is still relevant to this day. If you want friendly and trusting relationships with your neighbors, sign up for this organization, so you will show your best side.

Members of this society, according to a certain schedule and route (which are usually agreed with the local police), conduct raids in their areas and, if something suspicious is found, contact the police. It is forbidden for members of society to engage in independent problem solving!

Which of the following do you like? Are you a good neighbor? What is your relationship with your neighbors?

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