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Revelation of the immigrant: why our women are better than American women



Famous videobloger "Chizhny" is an immigrant from Russia Alexei Chizhov. He is 35 years old and has lived in the United States for a substantial part of his life. It is noteworthy that even having become a rather successful person in America, he very quickly and clearly realized that it is good and comfortable all the same only with his own people.

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I met with many American women, and all of them, like everywhere else, are quite different. There are home girls, there are people walking, but all American women have one distinguishing feature - their distorted mentality and upbringing.

Since childhood, the heads of American women are hammered in that they are no different from men. To the extent that even the physiology supposedly does not matter. And this twisted look at the psyche, in particular, is expressed even in the fact that, going to a restaurant, the girl will never allow the guy to pay for herself. At first glance, this seems a trifle, but in reality it is not. In fact, this attitude immediately puts the wall. What she ordered - she pays, for what you ordered - you pay. As a result, it’s as if you are not building relationships, but moving along a parallel course. And so in all.

I just remembered a story: I was driving a car, and a typical situation occurred, either I cut someone, or cut me off, in one word an angry American ran out and started yelling. In general, everything, as elsewhere, is nothing unusual. But then a second later an American woman ran out and started yelling and swearing twice as loud and dirtier as he. And I stand and think, okay, man, he thinks that something can, but where does the woman go? That is, here's another manifestation of this opinion, they say, women are the same as men. And since they understand that this is not so, they try to show it even more.

Or here's a very recent example - you come to a girl's home in Russia, and what do you usually see there? As a rule, the table has already been laid there, she tried in advance, prepared it, the salad is cut there, sausage, borscht, and you understand that they are waiting for you. And here you come, and it’s as if you tore her away from something. You stand, along with her, you chop cheese, sausage, but there can be no talk of anything serious, like borscht.

Frankly speaking, American girls are weird. Everything seems to be not real for them. That is, they can say that at the moment they love you, and after three days that they no longer tolerate them. And this is not a whim, as happens with ours. Our same love you will not stop if something offended. And then, as if there was nothing.

The feeling that relations with Americans is a business, they say, this asset has worked, has not rolled, let's go next. And this is done so ridiculously and with a cool head, that you wonder. As if these are not feelings of two people, but a dispute over a subject or inheritance.

Although there are probably more emotions. For example, a frequent occurrence here is when a girl breaks up with you through some message in social networks and at the end writes - “don't call me, otherwise I will call the police”. And she will call. This is not my story, it is here very often.

One more example. An acquaintance told me about it - and, to be honest, he best describes the whole essence of Western women. At Harvard University, he had a study, and as he walked down the corridor, he saw a woman with a bunch of books and, of course, opened the door for her. Then she stopped in silence, put all the books on the floor, came close to him and in his face called him a chauvinistic pig.

At the same time, it’s paradoxical, but if you ask any Russian in the USA with whom, in his opinion, Russian girls are closest in comparison, he will tell you that with African-American women. And indeed it is. I mean they are close in mentality. The fact is that black American women have patriarchy in the family. If you get into the house to such people, you will see that the main dad is there, like us. They still value family relationships and kinship, the Americans haven't had that for a long time. I met a dark-skinned girl, but then again it’s still its own culture, a bit of a frivolous view of life.

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Actually, I was born in Russia in the city of Astrakhan, I have a Russian father and a Russian mother, here in the USA I can easily afford without any mortgage to buy a house in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, because I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I saved something . But here's a nuance. Once I met an American woman, we had an affair, and then at some point she told me:

Well, yes, Alexey, everything is fine with you, but you understand, I have 120 dollars - this is just my annual expense, and if you have less, then we are unlikely to succeed further.

That is why I want precisely a girl from Russia or from Ukraine, or from Belarus. I believe that only there are still women who are not spoiled. Not so spoiled by money, not so spoiled in thoughts, they still know how to love, and not to be calculating robots, who have not forgotten that it is necessary to be feminine and so on ... And besides, it is the Slavic beauty that is unknowingly the benchmark.

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