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Renounced the throne and the Russian wife: the story of the marriage and divorce of the king of Malaysia from 'Miss Moscow'


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The life of the former ruler of Malaysia, Muhammad V, is shrouded in secrets. There are still many rumors around his relationship with the Russian woman Oksana Voevodina, their wedding and divorce. For the sake of his beloved, the heir to the royal family renounced the throne, but after a while he decided to abandon her too. Now the lover of the luxurious lifestyle does not want to see his son and is bargaining over the alimony that he has to pay to his now ex-wife. He tells about a short love story of one of the brightest couples and their protracted divorce proceedings "".

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"Why does she need so much money to support a small child?"

“Who does she think I am? Bill Gates? " - this is how the former Sultan of Malaysia Muhammad V reacted when he learned that his ex-wife Oksana Voevodina demanded to buy her a mansion for eight million pounds sterling (about 11 million dollars), as well as pay monthly alimony in the amount of 24 thousand pounds sterling (32,7 thousands of dollars) to their common son Leon. "Does he go to Eton College that she needs so much money to support a small child?" - the father was indignant.

In early January, Voevodina once again posted pictures of her grown-up son, Leon, who is very similar to his father, on the social network. She told the subscribers that the child will soon go to a developing school, and now she does gymnastics three times a week. At the same time, next winter, the former "Miss Moscow" is going to put her son on skates and skis.

Everyone's attention has been riveted to Leon since birth - he is the only heir to the former Sultan of Malaysia, Muhammad V. However, neither the father himself nor his relatives have shown interest in the boy. The monarch believes that the Russian woman gave birth to a son from another man, so she refuses to see him.

"I could afford"

Very little is known about the life of the former Sultan of Malaysia. On the Internet, they periodically talk about the ruler's hobbies: he prefers extreme sports, cross-country endurance races and sports shooting.

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In addition, information about his luxurious lifestyle is sometimes leaked online. So, he loves expensive clothes and unique jewelry. Muhammad wears a Swiss Astronomia Tourbillon watch from Jacob & Co in 18-carat white gold worth 540 thousand dollars (40 million rubles). There are 18 such copies in the world - a politician could afford it. When he was the ruler of the country, 3,3 million dollars (246 million rubles) were allocated annually from the treasury for the monarch's expenses.

The rest is the official version, verified as much as possible. It is known that Muhammad Faris Petra was born on October 6, 1969 in the capital of the Malaysian state of Kelantan - the city of Kota Bharu. He was educated at Oxford - graduated from the College of the Holy Cross and the Center for Islamic Studies, where he studied diplomacy and international relations. He became involved in politics quite early - in 2009, his father, the Sultan, suffered a stroke. The heir then became regent of the state of Kelantan.

Family intrigues did not pass by Muhammad either. In an effort to concentrate all power in his hands, he squeezed his younger brother out of the Royal Council of Rulers, which includes the heirs of the ruling sultan. He tried to appeal this decision through the country's Supreme Court, but his claims were rejected.

In December 2016, Muhammad officially took over as ruler of Malaysia. Four months later, his magnificent coronation took place. In general, the sultan plays a rather ceremonial role in the state, and real power is in the hands of the parliament and the prime minister.

Muhammad was supposed to rule the country until 2021 - the fact is that the Sultan of Malaysia is elected by the heads of 9 of the 13 states of the country every five years. However, the monarch unexpectedly abdicated the throne in 2018.

Muhammad became the first monarch to leave the throne since Malaysia gained independence from Britain in 1957. The royal house announced the abdication of the Sultan, but did not explain the reason. But the decision to leave the throne did not mean that in this way Muhammad severed ties with politics: as the hereditary sultan of Kelantan, he continued to fulfill his duties - to govern the state.

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Marriage with the "Kremlin spy"

Local media linked the forced renunciation of the throne by the Sultan with the fact that the country does not approve of his chosen one - Russian woman Oksana Voevodina. Some of them wrote that the Sultan's relatives were worried about the possible coronation of the former Miss Moscow 2015. The situation was not saved either by the fact that the wife converted to Islam, changing her name to Muslim Rihan, put on a hijab and deleted her Instagram page, where she published candid photos in a bikini before her marriage. Through social networks, she promoted her clothing brand, which she launched shortly before meeting the Sultan.

Talking about the first meeting with Muhammad in the spring of 2017 in Europe, Voevodina recalled: “He introduced himself: the king of Malaysia. I thought it was a joke, and in response I said that in this case I am the Queen of Moscow. " Then, at the exhibition of elite watches, the 22-year-old winner of the Miss Moscow-2015 beauty contest advertised one of the elite brands. Immediately after they met, the monarch began to look after Voevodina, regularly coming to Russia.

At home, they also learned about the ruler's novel, but this did not add to his popularity. Muhammad's entourage did not hide the fact that he was accustomed to luxury from childhood. Some Malaysians were outraged that the beautiful life of a representative of the royal family is expensive for local taxpayers - he loves luxurious cars and expensive real estate. Relations with the Russian model only multiplied these expenses - dissatisfaction in society grew rapidly.

Russian-Malaysian relations have worsened after a passenger plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over the Donetsk region in 2014. Rumors spread that Miss Moscow was a spy who fell in love with the Malaysian sultan on the instructions of the Kremlin.

Despite this, the couple got married. A magnificent celebration took place in November 2018 in the luxurious Barvikha Concert Hall complex on Rublevka. The monarch posted photos from the wedding on his social networks: the entire capital's elite gathered at the event, the most popular Russian artists performed.

The celebration took place in the mixed traditions of the two countries. The bride was in an expensive wedding dress, surrounded by friends wearing the same blue dresses. At first, Oksana was in a traditional white dress, and then put on a hijab - on the eve of the wedding, the future wife of the Sultan converted to Islam.

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Subsequently, many guests said that the newlyweds looked at each other with love. Photos from the wedding show a smiling couple sitting in front of a wall of flowers and folding their hands in the shape of a heart. However, the idyll did not last long.

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"Any man of Asian appearance can be the father of a child."

The marriage with Oksana Voevodina became the second for the Sultan. From 2004 to 2008, he was married to a Malaysian woman named Kangsadan Pipipakdi (after the wedding she was known as Zubaida Norudin), who belongs to the royal family of Pattani. They had no children, surrounded by Muhammad they said that he was very worried about the lack of heirs.

Before the wedding, Muhammad and Voevodina traveled to Germany, where they underwent a thorough medical examination. Then the newlyweds went to Australia, where they had a romantic honeymoon trip, and then returned to Malaysia. Soon after, it became known that the wife of the former ruler was expecting a child.

It seemed that Muhammad was very pleased with the imminent addition to the family. However, when his wife was four months pregnant, he accused her of infidelity and decided to leave.

As the world media later wrote, the reason for suspicion was the model past of the former Miss Moscow and participation in the scandalous reality show "Vacations in Mexico". Some shots from the life of a Russian woman in the villa allegedly "shocked the entire royal court." In addition, the monarch's relatives were unhappy with the fact that his wife was posting their joint pictures on the social network.

As a result, Voevodina returned to Russia, where she gave birth to her son Leon and demanded that her ex-husband recognize their child. However, the ex-sultan categorically refuses to do this, stating that any man of Asian appearance can be the father of the child. In addition, he said that he regrets marriage with a Russian woman and that he left the throne for her.

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The alimony scandal lasted months. However, later the former ruler agreed to create a special fund for the boy in the amount of 250 thousand dollars, and also send 10 thousand dollars within 100 months for his maintenance. In return, he demanded that the former lover forget about his existence forever, as well as remove publications in social networks. In addition, he wants Leon to be brought up in accordance with Islamic traditions and receive an appropriate education.

As the Daily Mail writes, the royal court tried to put pressure on the woman and force her to no longer post pictures of her young son on social networks. In addition, the ruler's family claims that they twice asked her to undergo a DNA test to determine paternity, but she allegedly refused. Voevodina, in turn, claims that she is ready to do this at any time, because the child appeared in marriage, and she became pregnant during her honeymoon.

Voevodina explains this attitude of her ex-husband to the child by political strife in the country: in the future, the monarch's family does not want to give the throne to her son.

Not everyone believes her: there are too many rumors about the divorce of the Russian woman and the Malaysian ruler. According to one of them, relatives found Muhammad another wife. However, no one has officially confirmed these reports. The current life of the former ruler of Malaysia is also shrouded in mystery. The palace carefully monitors that information about Muhammad never gets to the press again.

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