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Father of the family lost limbs after being licked by a dog


Source: Mirror

A week ago, Greg Mantifoul from Wisconsin went on his favorite bike and loved to play with the dog. Now the man is in the hospital, healing the wounds after the amputation of both legs and partly of his hands due to an infection that he received after being licked by his own dog.

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Such a case, experts say, is extremely rare. Greg was unlucky. The family and doctors were shocked at how quickly the infection was spreading. At first, the man felt symptoms similar to those of the flu and was sent to the hospital. But everything happened terribly fast. According to his wife, “it was as if he was beaten with a basketball bat, his whole body,” writes Mirror.

The life of the whole family turned upside down when blood tests showed that the man was the victim of an infection caused by the bacterium capnocytophagus. Just a week later, both legs of Greg, who had lived with dogs all his life and did not suspect anything of the kind, had to be amputated.

“He kept telling the doctors: delete anything, but save my life. And they did it. Surprisingly, they really did it, ”says the wife.

Infectionist Dr. Silvia Munos-Pryce says that such an infection is transmitted through dog's saliva, and in the case of Greg, the body gave a too harsh response. His pressure dropped, and the blood circulation in the limbs drastically decreased.

According to the doctor, in some cases this leads to the fact that the arms and legs simply die off and can poison the rest of the body. Therefore, Greg's legs were amputated.

“More than 99% of people who have dogs will never experience this. This is a bad chance, ”said the doctor.

The family created the GoFundMe page to cover the many operations and purchase of prostheses for arms and legs that Greg can use after recovery.

According to the Center for Disease Control, people with a weakened immune system are more at risk of bacterial infection.

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