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Holiday without children: 5 destinations this summer


Julia Abelev

Summer is coming very soon! To spend valuable time with benefits not only for health and nervous system, but also for the benefit of our relationship with your beloved husband, we offer 5 the best holiday destinations without children, each of which gives you the opportunity to refresh long-term relationships, breathe a little romance into them and add in his piggy of memories exciting and unforgettable impressions.

Choose what you like, and we guarantee one thing - after a rest in any place from our selection, you will return to the big city as a completely different person. So go ahead - to the adventure!

1. Jamaica

On the white beaches of Jamaica, in the shadow of the beautiful palm trees, hid hotel for adults Hedonism II (

The history of this hotel begins with the end of 1970's, and since then a unique atmosphere of love, liberation and freedom has been cultivated there.


The hotel is located in a beautiful area Negril, a part of the territory is occupied by the most real jungles with paths laid through them. And along the paths there are neatly laid out thousands of stones, painted by local artists, with the names of couples in love - hotel guests. This is so romantic!

The beach is divided into two zones - nudist and normal. In the nudist part, around the pool are all sorts of contests, and on the "clothed beach" peace and quiet reigns. Twice a day you can go snorkeling to the nearest coral reef or diving - these services are included in the price. Teachers in yoga, kundalini, sexual practices or dancing often come to the seminars at the hotel, so the rest can be combined with activities that are good for body and soul.

But the most interesting thing happens in the evening - every day of the week has its own theme (rock star, schoolgirls, black and white, glow party etc.), you can bring with you or buy funny and sexy themed costumes at the local store and participate in the general costumed fun that begins with a vibrant show program featuring the most beautiful Jamaican girls and pumped up guys.

Discos and foam parties in the open air and incendiary music, a fire show on the beach, launching paper lanterns into the sky, new interesting acquaintances — you definitely won't have to get bored in Hedonism. And for those who like impressions “hotter” every evening opens its doors. Play roomwhere only couples have access and where everything is equipped to realize the craziest sexual fantasies.

Just recently, the hotel completed the renovation period, and now, despite its long history, it welcomes guests with brand new rooms and public areas.

2. Italy, Florence

From just the word Florence, any normal woman's heart stops and the butterflies in the stomach begin to flutter. Well, where else to spend your honeymoon, if not in the city, where every building is a masterpiece of architecture, within the walls of which unfolding exciting love stories of the Renaissance. Hotel Relais Santa Croce also keeps its legend. I will not exaggerate if I say that you can study the history of Italian art through the interiors of the hotel. At the very beginning of the 18 century, the keeper of the papal treasury, Marquis Baldinucci, bought this palace and added to its facade granite columns, specially brought from Rome. In 2005, the building was completely renovated. However, its walls continue to breathe antiquity, because the restorers have carefully preserved all the old frescoes and original wooden panels of the 18 century. Today this hotel is the dream of romantics from all over the world, the European aristocracy rests in it, which appreciates not only interiors, but also impeccable service - butler services are provided in some rooms.


Just imagine - you are sitting on the terrace overlooking the historic city, lighted candles in ancient chandeliers cast lights on the plates with exquisite dishes, you inhale the scent of flowers that florists have decorated the room, and enjoy communicating with your favorite person on Earth ... Before such beauty not even the inveterate skeptic.

3. Cap D'Agde, France

Can you imagine a small resort town with a population of about 30 thousand people, with banks, bars, hotels, where everything, absolutely everything is naked ?! It sounds unbelievable, nevertheless it exists. This place is a fenced territory, the entrance to which is carried out by passes, only discussing personnel walk there, and all the tourists walk around in what the mother has given birth to. You can get out of your room in the morning, go down to the lobby, say hello to the concierge, go to the bank, withdraw money, chat on the way with friends, drop by the cafe, have a cup of coffee, buy a souvenir in a little shop - and all this is in Adam's costume (or Eve).


You can live on the territory of the town both in big hotels and savages, in campgrounds.

There is also enough entertainment there - striptease and swinger clubs, bars, restaurants and discos - during the season (June-August) the city does not sleep around the clock. In most institutions, entry is allowed only for couples, and you can find adventure for absolutely any taste.

Some difficulty, however, is room reservation - after all, they only speak French here, and we know how the French do not like English, and also find a place on the beach. The strip of the shore can hardly accommodate all those who want to warm up and play in the sun.

4. Goa, India

If unbridled sexual entertainment is not for your couple, and you want peace and tranquility, the best thing is to go to the cradle of all world spiritual practices - India. There are hundreds of yoga retreats, where you can combine a beach holiday with meditation and yoga. In the hotel Little Cove Yoga Retreat You will be accommodated in an eco-friendly house, hidden in a cozy palm grove on the ocean. Here they feed only vegetarian food, so meat eaters will have to go on a diet. But this is not the main thing - in this hotel the famous master Mahendra Pardeshi conducts yoga classes, which will help get rid of the symptoms of urban stress and fill the soul with pacification. Yoga practices in nature have a magical effect on the body, filling the body with energy and tone. Finally, you will find time to rethink your life, your relationships and bring something new to them.


Here you can also choose a practical alternative medical practice session or an Ayurvedic massage to suit your taste.

5. USA, Las Vegas

When the soul asks for a holiday, and a pocket is delayed by a weighty wad of money, one option is to go catch the lucky bird by the tail in Disneyland for Adults. That is how people call Las Vegas, the gambling capital of America. Here you can see the Eiffel Tower, the Pharaoh's Pyramid, dancing fountains, Caesar's Palace - and all this is within walking distance of each other. The architecture of the hotels invites guests to a lively fairy tale, and many Americans, having walked along the Strip (the main tourist street of the city), generally believe that it is not necessary to go anywhere else: after all, all the sights of the world have already gathered here in order to overwhelm their unprepared imagination.


Perhaps the most romantic place in Las Vegas can be called the Venice Hotel, where Venetian winding streets, along which there are restaurants, cafes and shops, are recreated in all their glory, as well as the famous Venetian water channels, along which you can ride a real gondola. And, of course, the casinos are huge, beckoning with joyful exclamations of the players and the iridescent lights of slot machines. So, if the soul asks for excitement - the cards are in your hands, as they say!

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