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From salmonellosis to scabies: what infections can you get at home



It is generally accepted that only people who do not care about hygiene become carriers of scabies, and in order not to get sick with salmonellosis, it is enough to wash eggs. It is not that simple. tells you how to protect yourself from uninvited infections.

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Salmonellosis: why raw eggs are dangerous

Salmonellosis is an intestinal infection caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. They enter the human body when eating raw chicken eggs, fresh milk or semi-raw meat. It is important that the chicken remains infected with insufficient heat treatment (not fried, not baked enough). To kill salmonella at a temperature of 70 degrees, you need to cook the meat for at least 20 minutes. At a temperature of 100 degrees, you will need to boil the chicken for three minutes (only then the bacteria will die). Salmonella can also be found in fresh milk - it is dangerous to drink it.

The clinical manifestations of salmonellosis are known to many and appear after 6-7 hours after poisoning: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (fraught with dehydration) and general malaise. Recall that a child can die with a loss of 10% of the total body weight - dehydration is especially dangerous for them.

The bacteria can be fought with antibiotics. It is also very important to make up for fluid loss during intoxication. You should not drink in glasses - you will only induce vomiting, you should drink literally a teaspoon every ten minutes.

To avoid salmonellosis in everyday life, there is only one recommendation - to heat-treat chicken and eggs. Just washing the latter will not help, since the bacteria penetrates the protein through the pores of the shell. You will even have to give up fried eggs, and even more so from poached eggs, if you are not sure of the quality and freshness.

Scabies that are difficult to detect

Scabies often affect students living in a hostel. Can be brought by children from school or kindergarten. The scabies mite feels great on bed linen, towels, toys (in the same public places, children's rooms), elementary on handrails in transport - given the last fact, it is as easy as shelling pears to catch scabies. As soon as a parasite mite has invaded the skin, expect the characteristic itching and small transparent bubbles on the skin. A person begins to itch as a result of the activity of the tick (for example, the female begins to lay eggs very quickly). Parasites are especially active in the evening and at night, because patients talk about discomfort at this very time, while during the day their activity decreases. Scabies may not always be detected the first time. For example, taking a shower with soap, gel, a person washes off most of the scabies marks, then making it difficult to diagnose. The dermatologist may begin to suspect other pathologies. Therefore, laboratory tests will be required.

It is easy and successful to treat scabies, but you need to observe discipline, that is, apply the drug prescribed by the doctor regularly to the skin. If you stop doing this ahead of time, as soon as the itching disappears, you can expect the symptoms to return. And then the therapy will have to be repeated. In parallel, it will be necessary to boil all bedding in the house, disinfect the apartment.

Nail fungus: where it's easy to get infected

Fungus is a very common dermatological disease that affects millions of people (most often men and the elderly). The danger is not only that the fungus injures the nail plates, making them not aesthetically pleasing, but the fungi slowly but surely infect the body, penetrating into the bloodstream over time. It should be remembered that fungi release mycotoxins, which aggravate the course of allergic reactions (bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis). A fungal infection can provoke a bacterial infection. Most importantly, the fungus is highly contagious. It is much easier to get infected than you think. This can be done in the pool (help, alas, is not a guarantee that a person is healthy), a bathhouse, a beach at the hotel, and finally, at a party, where you will be offered slippers.

Fungus treatment is a lengthy process. The drugs prescribed by the doctor will have to be taken from two to eight weeks. For some, the process will take six months, depending on the degree of neglect. Perhaps it will not be limited to ointment or varnish - if the fungus has entered the bloodstream, a course of antifungal drugs is needed. Some people recklessly quit treatment ahead of time, as soon as the external manifestations - itching and redness - disappear. Then after a while you will definitely have to take the course again (by the way, drugs are not cheap). In addition, it will be necessary to process (and it is better to dispose of) your shoes - the fungus lives well there. And train yourself to dry and disinfect shoes with an ultraviolet lamp. And also to prevent sweating of the feet, make sure that during the pedicure procedure in the salon, all instruments are sterile.

What can pets give

Finally, you can catch a number of diseases from pets. Not everyone knows that parrots are carriers of psittacosis, an infectious disease that can damage the lungs. It is not dangerous for birds. For a person - very much even. It all starts with a rise in temperature, then a dry cough joins the general malaise. Psittacosis is treated with antibiotics - the process is difficult, since the causative agent of the disease lives inside the cell, where it is difficult for the drug to penetrate - it is necessary to wait for the phase when the microorganism comes out.

Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis. At risk, cats that eat raw meat at least occasionally are outside. Infection can occur through their feces (cat litter must be cleaned with gloves), raw meat, unwashed fruits. The good news is that most people have lifelong immunity to Toxoplasma, that is, a healthy body quickly recognizes this microorganism as hostile and suppresses it - the disease can be asymptomatic, the person will not know about it. The danger of toxoplasmosis is for pregnant women (the microorganism is able to cross the placenta) and for people with severe immunodeficiency.

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