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What Pugacheva refused for weight loss: the nutritionist and the singer’s girlfriend revealed a secret


Source: Obozrevatel

The prima donna of the Russian pop Alla Pugacheva noticeably lost weight. So, she managed to do this thanks to the rejection of one product, writes Obozrevatel.


This was told by the singer’s girlfriend - businesswoman Alina Redel, whose words were confirmed by nutritionist Nadia Shark.

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According to Redel, Pugacheva stopped eating salty, sweet and makes a fasting day once a week.


Based on the words of the singer’s girlfriend, the nutritionist concluded that, most likely, Alla Borisovna does not follow a diet, but a salt-free diet.

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“Alla Borisovna chose a salt-free diet. And this is the right decision. Too much salt in the diet should not be, as it retains fluid in the body. And if you regularly consume large amounts of salty foods, then blood pressure rises, kidney disease occurs, and calcium metabolism is disturbed, ”explained the nutritionist.


In addition, she added that in her opinion, Pugacheva lost weight, because she refused it from slightly salted fish and chips.

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