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Careful: bad blending can cost you beauty



Microblading is an absolute breakthrough in the field of beauty. In other words, the procedure is called a manual eyebrow tattoo or, in rare cases, biotatuage. The technique is completely dependent on the skills of the master, and the result - on its accuracy and experience gained earlier.
Beauty enthusiasts, remember: eyebrows are to the face the same as breasts to the figure. Care for them properly, using the right tools and treatments - and you will feel like having some kind of "eyebrow equivalent" Wonderbra.

Perhaps that is why many so selflessly comb, pluck and color their eyebrows. But, just as a glass of red wine on a weekday can ruin the whole day and even tomorrow morning, there is also one step before the sad consequences.

That is why, reading the scary story of one woman on Teen VogueI wanted to get into a dark corner and cry. It all started quite innocently when Twitter user @chaeronaea published someone's story about microblading (eyebrow tattoo) in Sydney.


But sometimes, when you trust the fate of your face to the hands of a stranger, things can go wrong ... and very quickly. At first glance, the final look seems like a bold version of the “feather effect,” but upon closer inspection you may notice that everything is done ... well, a little uneven. B-rr.
“I did it just today, is there any way to fix it, or do I have to remove them with a laser? I am completely broken, ”the woman wrote. This is a great question: if someone messes up your eyebrows completely, is there anything you can fix?
To find out if it is possible to fix something, we turned to Kendra Bray, the founder and owner Better brows in New York.
The short answer is yes, but it won't be easy.
“There are ways to get rid of bad microblading: laser tattoo removal is the most common solution to such problems,” says Bray.
“But there is another way: using salt-based products that are injected under the skin - just like injected in the microblading process. They help remove pigment when scrubbing. This may take several sessions. Another option is to wash your eyebrows immediately after the procedure. In this case, the chances of removing all pigments from the skin are slim, ”Kendra continues.
Honestly, there is no worse trouble for a client than a non-professional microblading master.

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