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Left without covers: Trump stood up for his wife 'ignored' by glossy media



US President Donald Trump responded harshly to the media that “ignored” Melania, writes

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The head of state accused the media that during the four years of his presidency, they never invited Melania to be photographed for their covers.

Trump retweeted Breitbart News on social media.

The newspaper insisted that Trump's wife had been boycotted by fashion magazines. The President agreed with this statement, writing: “The best (first lady - Ed.) For all time. Fake news! ”.

Screenshot: Donald J. Trump / Twitter

The outrage of the current president is understandable, because the previous first lady Michelle Obama posed for fashion publications as many as 12 times during her husband's two presidential terms.

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Also recently appeared in the press informationthat Melania had the last chance to decorate the cover of a popular publication as the first lady, but the editors approved the participation in a photo shoot and an interview with another popular lady - Meghan Markle.

After such a fiasco, Melania was advised to fire her assistant.

Losing to Meghan, who didn't even claim the cover, is a major fiasco for Mrs. Trump, especially when Donald's campaign also failed.

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