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Staying thin: complete unloading instructions after the New Year



Any medal has two sides, and often the fun of the New Year party turns into the need to take a sober look at yourself and realize that some of the cakes, salads and portions of roast are looking from the mirror in response. Unloading after the holidays will help to get in shape and mitigate the effects of winter gastronomic spree: it will save you a few extra pounds, improve your well-being and reconcile with the need to return to everyday life.

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Good news: the maximum "pure" fat, which is able to be deposited in the "bins" for one day, is only 150 g (with growth around 170 cm and average build), reminds

For 10 days of limiting hedonism, you can "eat up" just half a kilo of subcutaneous fat. But, alas, in addition to it, in the body after the festive gastronomic “breakaway”, excess water, remnants of poorly digested food, etc., are also delayed. Thus, the total accumulated over the holidays can already reach 5-7 kg.

And if no fasting days can cope with the accumulated fat, then they will certainly help remove excess water and “food debris” from the body.

Unloading after the New Year: real results and empty hopes

New-year holidays, rich in feasts, radically change the diet: we eat a lot of sweet, fatty, spicy and incompatible. The festive table is rich in fatty meat food, sauces, potato dishes, and pastry sweets - these are the original traditions of the main winter holiday. Hospitality, generosity and abundance, of course, are good for a pleasant stay in the company of relatives and friends, but, alas, often have sad consequences for the figure. The main danger of the New Year is that the gatherings follow the gatherings, the heavy food provokes hunger attacks, the sleep and rest schedule is hopelessly shifted, and it is possible to wake up only on the verge of returning to working days.

Unloading after the holidays is important, including its psychological effect: addressing it, we seem to draw a line, put an imaginary, but decisive point in the food excesses.

Competently and in time carried out "cleansing" activities really help the metabolism to return to normal functioning, but just in case, do not expect magic. If for the New Year's holidays "lucky" noticeably move the weights forward, to get rid of everything and just a day or even a week is unlikely.

Fasting days after the New Year holidays will have little effect on the newly acquired body fat, but they will definitely help get rid of:

  • an excess of fluid retained in the tissues (“stuck” it was made by salty and spicy snacks, as well as simple carbohydrates that hold water);
  • residues in the lower intestine (unbalanced diet with an excess of proteins and a lack of fresh plant and fermented milk food often provokes their formation. Like the lack of movement, alas, characteristic of holiday leisure).

These substances can insidiously add 2 to 5 kg to you! It is getting rid of water and food debris that allows fasting days to give an encouraging effect in a short time. For some, this particular weight was superfluous, but someone else will have to work on themselves in the coming new year. In any case, the main thing is to make up your mind and start.

Choose the most efficient fasting day that is right for you, or make your own plan, finding out which products your body especially needs after the holiday marathon.

And be sure to evaluate the risks - fasting days are not recommended for those suffering from any chronic diseases, with exacerbation of ulcers and gastritis, with a tendency to allergies, as well as if you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding.

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Fruit discharge after the holidays: a little summer in January

Unloading on a single product is a popular way to quickly and effectively get rid of excess on the waist and in the refrigerator. Surely you have stocked up on fruits - so they will come in handy.

"Dutch unloading"

For her, you will need fragrant orange tangerines - apparently, it is precisely the color of the mini-diet that owes its catchy name. During the day, you should eat these fruits without any restriction on the quantity and volume, adding to the modest menu only plain non-carbonated water - you need to drink at least two liters.

Apple unloading

Choose strong green apples with a total weight of 2 kg, divide them into 6 parts and eat, measuring out the equal intervals between meals. Drink water in breaks and a glass - after each meal. If desired, 1 kg of apples can be “converted” into 1 liters of low-fat yogurt; that is, your unloading after the holidays will consist of 1 kg of apples and a liter package of fresh kefir.


On this day, it is permitted to eat puree from the pulp of an exotic kiwi fruit and drink water without restriction. Attention, keep an eye on ripeness of kiwi - you should eat only fully ripe, soft and fragrant fruit.

Potassium day

During the day, you can eat 500 gr soaked in dried apricots or 5 large bananas. And be sure to drink 2 liters of plain water without gas.

Halloween diet

All Saints Day in January? Why not if it helps! This unloading after the holidays will require 1 kg of purified pumpkin pulp, 50 grams of dry peeled pumpkin seeds and 2 liters of alkaline mineral water without gas. Pumpkin should be divided into 5 servings and steamed (immediately or just before a meal). Seeds can be eaten with pulp or reserved for snacking. Water to drink separately from food.

Cereal unloading after the holidays: chicken by the grain ...

Unloading cereals like those who have fruits do not cause a feeling of fullness of the stomach, but only provoke stronger hunger. It's all about the individual features of metabolism. Any cereal for the fasting day is prepared and consumed without salt, oil and other additives.

Rice cleaning

Fasting day on rice is recommended by many nutritionists - this product is easy to purchase and cook, and it also has the properties of enterosorbent, literally absorbing toxins. From all types of rice diets for rice cleaning, choose brown rice, it is the most useful.

To unload rice, soak 250 rice overnight, drain water in the morning, pour boiling water over the cereal and cook until ready. Divide the resulting amount by 6 meals at equal intervals. Once you can add to rice a few pieces of chopped dried apricots. Drink non-carbonated clean water all day.

Unloading on buckwheat and kefir

For a fasting day on buckwheat and kefir, steam 250 over the night with washed buckwheat with two cups of boiling water (in a thermal vessel or tightly closed saucepan. Divide the resulting porridge into 5 meals, alternating them with mineral water without gas (2 liters per day) and kefir (XNNX liters per day) and kefir (XNNX per day) and kefir ml). Unloading after the holidays provided!

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Trace elements to help lose weight after a holiday rampant


We learned about the benefits of potassium in food and the dangers of its lack only a few decades ago. The emergence of interest in the importance of this element in everyday nutrition contributed to the spread of fast food and convenience foods, "famous" for the high content of sodium chloride (salt), and the popularity of strict diets. A poor diet, as well as increased consumption of coffee, alcoholic beverages and pastry sweets directly and clearly affect the deficiency of potassium.

Lack of potassium causes muscle pain and severe weakness, but the main thing - provokes the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

At the party on the occasion of the after-holiday unloading, potassium the invited guest: the products containing it contribute to the removal of excess salt and liquid, allowing you to change for the better just before our eyes. Potassium reduces swelling, normalizes the activity of the organs of internal secretion, improves brain function. Foods that contain a lot of potassium: carrots, tomatoes, oatmeal, bananas, honey, apple cider vinegar, dried fruits, nuts.

Magnesium and Magnesia

Magnesium is the "satellite planet" of potassium. Many processes in the body are their joint projects, for example, potassium is needed for muscle contractions, and magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation. Magnesium in food, as a rule, "works in pairs" with potassium, but magnesium also has its own specific properties that will appreciate your discharge after the holidays.

Magnesium is necessary for the transportation of nutrients, the normal functioning of the nervous system, the metabolism of fats and glucose, and the reduction of "bad" cholesterol.

This is a powerful detoxicator and a fighter against stress and overwork. Lack of magnesium can be expressed in the impossibility of falling asleep even with a strong feeling of fatigue, and stress and alcohol consumption contribute to its consumption and withdrawal from the body. The unpleasant consequences of the New Year's breakaway are partly due to the lack of magnesium. To replenish its reserves, eat wholegrain products, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, sea kale, nuts (especially cedar), beans.

In the fight against hangovers and other effects of alcohol detoxification, “British salt”, magnesia (pharmaceutical magnesium sulfate) can be a good help. If your therapist does not find any contraindications to taking magnesia, it will not only cope with a throbbing headache, but also reduce the burden on the liver and have an antidepressant effect. In addition, magnesium in moderate doses has a mild laxative effect, which can be very useful if you need to discharge after the holidays.

Zinc, selenium

These trace elements - magic antioxidants, as air is necessary for women. During the period when unloading after holidays is needed, they become a truly indispensable tool.

Selenium, the very name of which reminds of the Moon, the patroness of the fair sex, is necessary for the protection of fragile cell membranes and the development of new red blood cells, as well as protection from the effects of adverse environmental conditions and the prevention of premature aging.

Zinc supports the immune system in working condition, and also helps the tissues to properly absorb glucose and lipids.

Chronic fatigue, blurred vision, dullness of the skin and hair, lack of interest in love life are corrected by controlling the intake of these important trace elements. Unloading after the New Year holidays will become even more effective if you add to the menu products rich in selenium and zinc: germinated grain, shrimps, oysters, offal of animals and birds, hard cheeses, milk.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, vital for any person, is usually associated with a joyful orange color - probably because citrus fruits are particularly high in its content. Unloading after the holidays really requires vitamin C: it improves mood and well-being, improves performance, is effective against drowsiness and weakness, and also helps the body absorb iron, which is important for blood formation and prevention of anemia. This vitamin is recognized as one of the most powerful fighters against oxidative processes.

Everyone who watches beauty knows that a sufficient supply of vitamin C helps not only to experience a surge of vitality, but also to make the complexion healthier and more attractive.

It is believed that a lack of vitamin C not only leads to lethargy and a feeling of loss of strength, but also impairs the immune system and inhibits the function of the thyroid gland. It is important to remember that vitamin C contained in food easily collapses when exposed to light, oxygen and heat treatment. Therefore, you need to get it from fresh products: berries (especially dogrose), oranges, tangerines, kiwi, pineapples, apples, parsley, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, bell peppers.

Cortisol-lowering foods

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that is vividly involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Moreover, this participation is far from always pleasant: raising the level of cortisol not only gives the body a command to “let everyone in, don't let anyone out” and save glycogen in the liver and fat on the hips, but also increases uncontrolled cravings for sweet and salty. Cortisol is called the “stress hormone”: its goal is to save the body’s resources and to “fill the storerooms” with new supplies with the slightest signs of mental and physical stress.

Cortisol production itself is a normal part of the general background: if this hormone is produced in moderation, then there is nothing to worry about.

However, poor quality and short night of sleep, alternation of periods of hunger and overeating, physical overload, emotional experiences (in short, a significant part will take the New Year holidays) provoke a sharp increase in its production. That is why the products that normalize the production of cortisol are an indispensable part of the unloading plan after the holidays. These include: protein foods (especially sea fish with its valuable unsaturated acids), foods rich in vitamin C, dark chocolate, black tea, spinach. And do not forget to laugh and breathe deeply - it also helps to knock off cortisol from cortisol.


"Three happy days": handling plans

Those who are counting on a more serious result or simply do not believe in the effect of one-day unloading can use the three-day unloading supply plan. For the strong in spirit!

"Water" express diet on 3 of the day

  • Day 1, "input": you can not eat animal proteins and fats, as well as cereals. You can (4 times during the day) - herbal tea, fresh juice, fruits, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables, nuts. The last meal is no later than seven in the evening. Be sure to drink water.
  • Day 2, “water”: during the day - only water, about 3-4 liters (a glass every 40 minutes). 2 once a day, you can drink the following drink: on 1 a glass of warm water ½ teaspoon honey and a spoonful of lemon juice.
  • Day 3, "weekend": in the morning - herbal tea, all day grated fresh carrots with honey and lemon juice dressing or cabbage salad with carrots and lemon juice. Salad can be eaten until 7 evenings a day without looking at the volume. To drink a lot of water.

"Military Diet"

The new original unloading plan from the USA works due to calorie restriction. It is ideal for those who are familiar with unloading plans are discouraged because of the monotony of the diet. On the "military" all drinks should be consumed without sugar and milk, and food - without salt and seasonings. Water can and should be drunk without restrictions, and more.

  • 1 Day: breakfast is half a grapefruit, coffee or tea, 1 whole-grain toast with a thin layer of peanut paste (can be replaced with urbech, almond paste or thin). Lunch - ½ can of tuna in own juice or a small grilled salmon steak, 1 whole grain toast, coffee or tea. Dinner - 100 grilled chicken or beef, a portion of green beans, ½ banana, a small apple, a small glass of vanilla ice cream.
  • 2 Day: breakfast - 1 boiled egg, 1 whole grain toast, ½ banana. Lunch - a small package of granulated curd, 1 boiled egg, 5 small savory crackers. Dinner - 100 grilled chicken or beef, a portion of broccoli and a few carrots (all steamed), ½ banana, half a cup of vanilla ice cream.
  • 3 Day: breakfast - 5 small savory crackers, 1 slice of hard cheese, 1 small apple. Lunch - 1 boiled egg, 1 toast. Dinner - 1 can of tuna in own juice or a small grilled salmon steak, ½ banana, 1 vanilla ice cream.

Rules of unloading after the New Year holidays

1. Do not begin to unload according to the principle “from ship to ball”. An abrupt change in eating habits (hunger after a week of gluttony) is a big tragedy for an organism that can behave unpredictably. Get ready for unloading, at least for a day or two by refusing fatty, sweet, salty and moderating portions.

2. Do not abuse the loading effect. The optimal duration of strict "cleansing therapy" is 1 day, the maximum is 3 days. Staying on a minimal diet longer runs the risk of becoming deficient in vital nutrients, triggering muscular dystrophy, and even dehydration (even if you drink water instead of food - a puzzled body that does not receive a balanced diet will not be able to keep it). And on the weight and appearance, which is the most offensive, all these risks may practically not affect.

3. Do not use chemicals and drugs., contributing to rapid weight loss: the side effects and effects of such funds are usually more than the benefits, in addition, not all of them are fully investigated and even certified.

4. Do not finish unloading immediately before leaving for work: even the most restful first working day after the Christmas holidays becomes stress, do not overload the body, give it at least one day off to recover from the "cleansing". Of course, this weekend should not overeat - use it to just relax, walk, eat light healthy food in small portions. Do not forget that unloading after the holidays is needed not so much for the loss of the “consumed” as for the normalization of metabolic processes and a good dietary start in the new year.

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