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Driving features in the USA that are important to know



Each state of the United States has its own traffic regulations, but some things are the same throughout the country and can be extremely unusual for European tourists:

  • Signs related to the intersection are located at the intersection, not in front. Accordingly, the traffic lights regulating traffic at the intersection are located behind it (usually hang).
  • The driver and front passenger must be wearing a seat belt. Children (up to 15 years old) who are in the back are also wearing seat belts. These are Michigan rules, for others - check separately.
  • The traffic regulations on the lanes are usually drawn directly on the road, and not on signs above the road. Twists from bands not intended for this are considered a serious violation.
  • In Michigan, people rarely use the right-hand priority rule. Signs of equal crossroads will always hang. Stop with notice 4-way (from four sides). The priority of passing such an intersection is established on a first come, first served basis - whoever stops at the stop line first (regardless of the direction) crosses the intersection.
  • On every sign Stop it is necessary to brake to a full stop for 3 seconds.
    When a siren sounds, it is necessary to change lanes to the right and stop, even if the car making the sounds is on the other side of the road.
  • If a car with sounds and festive illumination was right behind you and stopped along with yours, it is the police, and you are hit.
  • There are many different types of police officers, but regardless of their type, you cannot get out of the car. You need to turn off the engine, prepare the documents, keep your hands on the steering wheel and wait for the policeman to come up and explain the reason for the stop. In case of violation, a fine will be issued, which can be paid through the bank. But if this is the first flight, there is a chance to get off with a warning.

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