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Make-up mistakes make you look old


Source: Rambler

Makeup is like a potent medicine: the right dose is capable of real miracles, and the slightest mistake can lead to a catastrophe. Check whether you are making these simple and common mistakes - and stay beautiful for a long time, young and very attractive.

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You choose solid colors

If you do not make color accents on any facial features, it will inevitably look tired and faded. Emphasize eyebrows and eyes, lips or cheeks - and you will notice the difference, advises Rambler.

You picked the wrong base shade

Too dark or light tone will inevitably give your face a tired and shabby look. To avoid this, choose a tonala in good light, putting a little tone on the skin on the chin.

You use too much powder

Excessive powder, especially on dry skin, underlines all fine wrinkles and unevenness, instantly “spreading” at least 10 years. Makeup artists are advised to use powder only for the T-zone - and in very moderate quantities!

You do not apply moisturizer

Moisturize the skin with a cream before every application of makeup (and especially healthy if it contains SPF). Otherwise, you only emphasize dry and flaky skin - and, naturally, you will look older.

You do not use your liner

If you have a “cold” color type, you should not use a bronze or golden eyeliner. A silver liner is absolutely not suitable for women with a warm color type - the arrows will immediately make the eyes tired and elderly.

You use shades of gray

Throw away all the makeup products of a gray tint from your cosmetic bag: whatever your natural skin color, gray shades will make you dozens of years older and much, much more tired. Choose warmer colors to look young and fresh!

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