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Errors in food, which are allowed in Russia and America


Source: Rambler

Eating absolutely right is almost impossible. Some products can only be obtained in winter, and some can not be found in the cold season. In addition, we often eat the usual same type of food, missing the necessary nutrients, because it is difficult to plan the dishes for each meal.

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An unbalanced diet leads to hypovitaminosis - a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients such as iron or zinc. Having studied the diets in different regions, we can conclude that each country is missing something, writes Rambler. Below is an analysis of the diet on illustrative examples.


Features in the Russian diet - a high content of protein, simple carbohydrates, but a lack of vegetables, fruits.

Sausages, mayonnaise, white bread, cheese and butter are always in the fridge of an average Russian. On the 2015 year, according to the VTsIOM survey, the main dish is bread and cereals (in 85% of Russians), pasta (75% of regular consumption). About vegetables much forgotten, adding them only in soups.


The peculiarity of the American basket is, on the one hand, a variety of dishes, and on the other, a large amount of sugar, high calorie foods, an almost complete lack of fiber and a preponderance of carbohydrates.

Such a diet is obviously the most harmful of all. The portions are huge and contain sugar above the norm, and there is almost no talk about vegetables, which is incredibly bad. But 20 years ago a completely opposite basket of products began to appear - the cult of healthy life began. Now America is divided into 2 type of food baskets: the first high-calorie, the second - the right balanced nutrition. To collect the second, you need to make a diet for a week and leave at the checkout a decent amount.


Japanese cuisine features a high content of omega-3-acids, starch, natural products, but there is a shortage of omega-6-acids.

Almost always rice is on the table in Japan, although such cereals contain the most of fast carbohydrates, frequent insulin jumps occur, which even creates an environment for the development of diabetes. Although the metabolism of the Japanese is changed by century-old traditions, nevertheless, the risks of getting diabetes are increased by 17%.

Near East

Features in the Middle Eastern diet - its diversity, the presence of greens, spices and cereals, but a lot of fried foods and the lack of omega-3-acids.

Middle Eastern cuisine - one of the most ancient, contains a lot of red meat, cereals, spices and herbs. In general, the food is not bad, there is enough protein and vegetables. Such a diet destroys only the type of cooking - most are cooked in butter or deep-fried, which immediately affects cholesterol.


Feature of the Mediterranean - a balanced composition, a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber. The diet is always a wide variety of proteins. But unfortunately, the basket is expensive.

Nutritionists of the world have declared this nutrition system as the most balanced and true for maintaining health and long life. Moreover, in 2010, such a UNESCO ration was considered a cultural heritage. Such nutrition is beneficial for the brain, cardiovascular system and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

What you should pay attention to is a maximum of healthy food, obtained directly from the beds, whole-grain products, fragrant spices instead of salt, fish variety. In other countries it is impossible to find something similar.

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