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Oprah Winfrey told what question absolutely all stars ask her


Source: Independent

American television star Oprah Winfrey has been running her show since 1989, during which time she interviewed more than 37 000 people, most of whom were famous in America and the world. Anchorwoman revealed a secret about which one is the same! - the question is asked to her by all the interlocutors at the end of the shooting, including the President of the United States and the stage superstar, writes Independent.


“Everyone I have ever interviewed, after him at some point asked:“ How did I manage? ”. It doesn't matter if it was Barack Obama or Beyoncé, or the guy who killed his children, or the man who lost his family, or anyone else, ”said Winfrey in one of her recent appearances at the TV festival Tribeca in New York.

According to Oprah, this question is a “common denominator” for all guests, regardless of who they are. Of course, the TV presenter has often thought about why all the guests want an approving assessment of their performance during interviews, and came to the conclusion: people just want to know - they were heard, they were seen, and what they said matters.

However, Oprah says when she heard the question, "Well, how did I do it?" from Beyoncé, she was sincerely amazed and joked: “De-e-tka, you’re Beyoncé!”.

Oprah Winfrey is the first African-American billionaire in world history; moreover, her condition is higher than that of any other woman in the media and show spheres. Edition Forbes More than once she called Oprah the most influential person in show business, the most influential celebrity, and in 2007, Winfrey was named the first influential woman in show business.

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