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Operations, psychiatry, disrupted filming: how the last 3 years of Marilyn Monroe’s life went


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Her unexpected, stunned world care only at first glance seemed unexpected and strange. So much so that it generated more than one conspiracy theological version. But the more time passed and the more the world learned about Monroe's last years, the more natural the tragic ending of her life looked, the author of the channel writes. "You are a woman, and by that you are right" on Yandex.Zen.

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Everyone who worked with the actress in different years noted her unstable psychological state, disputes and quarrels with directors and partners, but the incredible success that ultimately led the actress to participate in the film forced the studio to sign contracts with her, offering new roles .

But since the 60th year, Marilyn Monroe has been experiencing huge health problems. Back in 1957, being married to Miller, Marilyn refuses to work - the break lasts more than a year, despite the current contract with the studio. An ectopic pregnancy that arose against the background of endometriosis, a miscarriage suffered a year later - all these misfortunes contributed to the fact that Monroe became more and more dependent on psychotropic drugs.

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Nevertheless, in 1959, one of the most successful in the career of an actress, the film Some Like It Hot, was released (in the USSR the film was released under the title Only Girls in Jazz). This picture is perhaps the last unconditionally successful role of Marilyn Monroe. All that she did in the cinema in the future, up to her departure - exhausting work against the backdrop of deteriorating physical and mental health.

Endless lateness, poor health, bad mood dragged on work, caused discontent of colleagues on the set. But much of what happened to the actress, she could no longer control.

In 1960, on the set of the film Let's Make Love, she breaks out an affair with Yves Montand. Everything happens in front of Montana's wife Simone Signoret. And a year later, Monroe's marriage to Arthur Miller would actually collapse: Miller began a new relationship, he no longer cared about Monroe's problems.

Marilyn herself wandered from hospital to hospital: two surgeries for endometriosis and cholelithiasis followed one after the other, which brought her suffering due to endless pain, and then hospitalization in a narcological clinic due to severe dependence on psychotropic drugs. With grief in half, with great downtime, the film "The Misfits" was filmed, which received a disastrous rental and negative reviews from critics for the role of Monroe.

Before starting the shooting of the last picture with the prophetic title "Something is going to happen", Marilyn managed to have an affair with Frank Sinatra, catch a serious cold, get a serious complication in the form of sinusitis and again go to a psychiatric clinic with a nervous breakdown. The film crew expressed dissatisfaction. When filming nevertheless began, in the midst of work, Monroe went to the ceremony to celebrate the birthday of President Kennedy. The film crew again stops work, waiting for the return of the actress.

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Film screenings of Marilyn for her last film, 1962. Photo: frame YouTube / PopCultureReligion

The last bit of patience of the director and the management of the film company was the next malaise of Monroe, after which the contract with her was broken, in addition, the studio demanded that the actress compensate for material damage, blaming her for the collapse of the work and declaring Monroe mentally ill.

And although in July 1962 she was offered a new contract and a role in a new film, these plans were not destined to come true - a month later Marilyn was gone.

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