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Deadly: 9 baby products you shouldn't buy


Source: Cheat sheet

Many parents think that if a thing is made specifically for babies, then it is absolutely safe. But this is not always the case. Cheat sheet chose the most dangerous items among those commonly used to care for the youngest children.

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1. Changing tables
While a changing table in a nursery can be durable and safe to use, the same cannot be said for tables in public areas such as restrooms, or chalkboard tables used at home. If you are concerned about the potential dangers of such tables, you can put a disposable diaper on the floor and change the baby's diaper in this way.

2. Sleep positioners
They were invented precisely in order to ensure the safety of the infant and protect it from sudden infant death syndrome in a dream, but the experience of using such items showed that it is still necessary to keep track of sleeping children. The child may roll and face down, leading to suffocation.

3. Canopy bed
Loved by all parents before their baby is born, this adorable detail can be used as a restraint to keep your little one from getting out of the crib. But the canopy is not always safe. Babies can easily get entangled in the fabric, pull it between the slats of the crib and suffocate.

4. Bath seats
In terms of workmanship, these devices are safe. But depending on how much control you give your baby bather, the seat can become a death trap: the baby can easily tip over, get hurt, or choke.

5. Crib bumpers
Another potentially dangerous item is soft bumpers. They are secured with ropes on the beds to protect the baby from being hit by a head or being stuck between the rods. But often children in a dream or during wakefulness roll and stick their faces into the soft bumper, which leads to strangulation.

6. Jumpers
On the one hand, this is a good way to keep your baby busy and securely fix him in one specific place in the house or apartment when you are doing other things. On the other hand, jumpers can cause serious injuries. Some kids love to jump. In an excited state, they bounce too high, which can lead to injuries, up to fractures.

7. Bumbo seats
A convenient thing - the baby sits comfortably, does not fall out of the chair and feels quite good. But it all depends, as with bath seats, how carefully you control it. Children can tip over with the seats, and if the chair is on the floor, it will frighten the child. But when (as many parents do) the seat is on a table or steps, things can get much more serious.

8. Toys for the car
Use only the toys that were originally supplied with your child car seat. Most manufacturers test car seats with the assumption that a child will use the included toy. But there is no guarantee that the toy "from the outside" will not become an additional factor of injury in the event of an accident.

9. Pillows
You should not have pillows or blankets in the crib while your baby is sleeping. The baby, turning his face into the pillow, can easily suffocate. Between 1992 and 2010, about 700 deaths were recorded in the United States (including infants under 12 months old) associated with pillows that were placed next to sleeping children. Nearly half of infant deaths at home and two-thirds of deaths in kindergarten are due to suffocation caused by pillows, thick blankets, and/or a child's bed full of foreign objects.

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