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Hazardous to health: 5 foods that are best avoided


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Do you wash your chicken eggs before putting them in the refrigerator? Or just before cooking? Do you wash the chicken? I think so, because it’s common and normal to bring food home and wash it thoroughly. But recent studies have shown that it makes no sense to wash some products and it can even be dangerous. “Sweet Peach” on Yandex.Zen.


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The material was written using authoritative sources, based on research by experts from Roskachestvo and Rospotrebnadzor, the author claims.


I have been running a culinary blog a little over half a year and have already realized that the world is divided into two camps: those who wash their eggs before cooking, and those who do not. (And I also learned that some people do not fundamentally keep eggs in the refrigerator, but that's another story).

And the recommendations of scientists are as follows: eggs cannot be washed in advance. The eggshell has a porous structure; moreover, it is treated with a special agent in poultry farms. If the eggs are washed and stored in the refrigerator, harmful bacteria can enter. But at the same time, Rospotrebnadzor advises to wash the eggs immediately before cooking and never use them if their shells are cracked.

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Last summer we bought a lot of good mushrooms on the market (we were going to dry them and freeze some of them), and I was very surprised that it is not recommended to wash the mushrooms! They also have a porous structure and absorb moisture very well - they become less tasty and can deteriorate faster.

Specialists from Roskachestvo recommend cleaning mushrooms from dirt with an ordinary wet cloth and be sure to heat them.

Meat and Chicken

This also surprised me at first. How so - not to wash the purchased raw meat? But it turns out that when we wash meat or chicken over the sink, bacteria from them scatter along with splashes of water throughout the kitchen. Most of all it hits objects that are nearby.

We will cook meat and chicken (bake, boil or fry - it doesn't matter), and all bacteria in them will die. And those that scattered during washing will remain in our kitchen! They can cause serious health problems (such as an intestinal infection).

But this only applies to products made in the factory (for example, in poultry farms or meat shops). They are usually already cleaned and packed in airtight trays. Of course, if you buy meat in the market, it must be washed. Where are you going to go?

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What? Is someone washing pasta? For me, this is a discovery, to be honest. I never washed them or even knew that it was so possible!

If the pasta is washed before cooking, it will absorb excess moisture and we will not get a tasty dish for dinner, but an incomprehensible porridge. For the same reason, pasta should never be bought by weight (it should be stored in good, airtight packaging).

But with cereals and herbs the situation is controversial. Some experts believe that washing, for example rice and greens, is not necessary, while others insist on the contrary. Who is right is not very clear yet.

Do you wash the listed products? Or did you already know these tips and stopped washing them long ago?

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