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Oncologists have compiled a list of cancer-causing products.


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WHO experts say that every sixth inhabitant of the earth dies from cancer and in about a third of cases the disease developed due to malnutrition. In this regard, oncologists have compiled a list of products that must be treated with caution.

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Top the ranking sugar substitutes, artificial colors and flavorswhich are part of the products. They are able to trigger malignant growth because of their excessive toxicity, they write News. According to the oncologist Natalia Sukortseva, the abuse of harmful products can lead to cancer of the throat, esophagus, stomach and other organs.

Ordinary is also a serious danger to human health. refined sugar. It contributes to the rapid growth of malignant neoplasms, according to Belgian scientists. Cancer cells multiply due to very fast glycolysis (the process of splitting glucose without the participation of oxygen. - Approx. "News"). Its speed in tumor cells may be 200 times higher than in healthy tissues.

In addition, excessive consumption of sugar can cause cancer of the breast, rectum, bladder. However, this product can protect against glioma, a common type of cancer of the brain or spinal cord.

Proven carcinogenic activity sausage and processed meat products. As Sukortseva explained, these products contain hazardous preservatives, a lot of salt, and various chemicals. Regular use can lead to the development of colorectal cancer. Even 50 g of such products a day increases the chances of getting cancer with oncology by 18%.

In addition, the love of sausage can lead to the development of breast cancer, say British scientists from the University of Glasgow. According to their data, one sausage per week increases the risk of a malignant tumor by 15%.

It is also harmful to eat a lot of red meat. Instead, it should be included in the diet of a bird or fish, said RIA Novosti.

The emergence of aggressive forms of cancer contribute high fat foods. As shown by experiments on mice, they increase their growth rate by almost a hundred times. Sukortseva confirmed that the systematic use of trans fat, chips, popcorn, animal fats can really lead to an increase in cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, cause irreversible cell mutations and lead to malignant processes in the body.

In turn, French and Brazilian scientists have concluded that cancer does not cause certain foods, but cooking method. Cancer causes the so-called ultra-processed foods - snacks, carbonated drinks, bakery products, cornflakes with sugar, convenience foods and reconstituted meat products. This food contains a lot of sugar, fat and salt, but is poor in vitamins and fiber.

According to experts, an increase in the consumption of ultra-processed products by 10% increases the risk of developing cancer by 12%, and in the case of breast cancer - by 11%.

However, scientists emphasize that the mechanism of cancer is not fully understood and one cannot blame a particular product or food additive for toxicity. As a rule, several factors lead to cancer - bad ecology, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, genetic mutations.

Sukortseva advises to eat fully and variedbut at the same time moderately. Most importantly, do not eat foods that have a long or past expiration date. You should also lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits.

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