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'Do they eat blood candy ?!': 10 Russian foods and dishes that shock foreigners


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Foreigners usually like Russian cuisine. They praise borscht (although Ukrainians will say that this is their dish), dumplings and pancakes. And, of course, admire the caviar. But some products of foreigners are baffled. We tell which ones.

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Dried and dried fish

Sometimes it is difficult for foreigners to understand how a fish and other dried fish as a snack for beer can replace the usual french fries. If they can cope with the smell and figure out how to carve it, they may like it! But it is not exactly. Just see how the Italians turn up their nose!

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Few of us in childhood liked jelly - it looks rather strange. Foreigners altogether believe that food should not move like that. And the taste, too, should not be so strange. Notice how leading YouTube channel Skyeng America Danny eats jelly! It seems he is about to cry.


And again the incomprehensible consistency - this time of drink. But the American teenagers from the next video drink, by the way, appreciated. It is believed that it looks like molten jelly bears. Apparently, they were lucky and the jelly was really tasty (and not like in a typical Russian school).


Russians in Germany often complain that it is difficult to find buckwheat there. Asians do not know what it is - look at the reaction of the Korean, who did not know about the existence of buckwheat before. But he liked it - already good!


Vice journalist Mark Hay dedicated a whole article to the hematogen. Yes, and on YouTube is full of clips with the headings "Russian BLOOD CANDY". It sounds a bit intimidating, and all because of the fact that in the bars there is bull blood. Like, how is it that Russians drink blood? And do they give it to children?

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Indeed, once the hematogen contained “black food albumin,” but this did not stop the inhabitants of the USSR, because there was no alternative against anemia in Soviet pharmacies. Also recognize that Hematogen is a tasty thing. Especially its modern versions, in which, by the way, there may be no bovine blood.

Marinated watermelon (and other pickles)

Russian pickles for foreigners - this is another test. And if the cucumbers are not very surprised, then the cabbage can be a discovery. And they come completely into shock when they learn that watermelons are salting in some regions of Russia. Wait, what?


A sort of Russian salad, filled with carbonated drink. It looks unpleasant. The taste is all the more strange. If you want to tell a foreigner about okroshka, start better with the one on kefir, it is less exotic. Although you may have to additionally talk about yogurt!

Squash and aubergine caviar

“Caviar overseas,” said the hero of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession.” It was a subtle joke - any other caviar was usually not available to people. And, oh, horror, foreigners often do not suspect the existence of such a product. And in vain! Admire how Japanese women eat caviar - and in fact five minutes ago they did not know that such food existed at all.

Herring under a Fur Coat

Wonderful dish! Foreigners are surprised to see it, but usually agree that it is quite tasty. Appearance they are sometimes compared with the cake. Well, herring cake. An interesting combination.


The suffering of Russian kindergarteners and some adults unknown to foreigners. Therefore, they consider semolina with surprise. And they cannot understand what it reminds them to taste - either the dough, or the potatoes, or rice pudding. In fact, semolina can be cooked delicious - if you know how to do it. However, this applies to absolutely all dishes.

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