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Star'She wanted it herself ': Meghan Markle's father told what destroyed their relationship


Source: PopcornNews

Thomas Markl had to defend himself because of his daughter's lies, says PopcornNews.

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The other day, the father of Prince Harry's wife testified in court regarding his daughter's lawsuit against the Daily Mail. The claim concerns the disclosure of personal data and violation of the privacy of personal correspondence. The reasons for the appearance of Markle's father in court became known to the Canadian publication ET.

Megan filed a lawsuit after publishing excerpts from a letter she wrote in 2018 in the magazine. The information was provided personally by the plaintiff's father, whose name is Thomas Markle. According to Thomas, the reason for the publication of the excerpts was the "lie" that the anonymous friends of the Princess of Sussex spread about him through articles in the British press.

“I believed and still believe that Megan herself wanted this letter to be published,” Thomas said in court. He stressed that he deliberately provided the publication with only excerpts from the letter, since the publication of the handwritten document in its entirety "would put Megan in a terrible light."

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According to the father of the actress, he was "shocked" when he read an article about himself in People. This publication literally "denigrated him, calling him a dishonest person who exploits his daughter and tries to cash in on her name." All of this, according to journalists, devastated Megan and made her suffer. Thomas admitted that he had no choice, and he did so to protect his good name from this monstrous lie. The man did not believe Megan's words, published in People, that she wants to return their good relationship. He called them insincere.

“The ill-fated letter was not an attempt to make up. It does not say a word of love, but only one criticism. She didn’t even ask about my state of health, but the day before I had a heart attack. This letter served as a signal for a complete break in our relationship, and not about their revival, ”said the outraged father.

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