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'She just wants to go home': what Melania Trump did not like as the first lady of the United States


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US First Lady Melania Trump, after four years in Washington, is looking forward to returning to Florida to a normal life. According to insiders, while the president was pondering how to keep the post, his wife was allegedly preparing to pack and decide what to go to the lockers, what to the New York apartments, and what to go straight to the Mar-a-Lago family residence. What did Melania remember, why she did not like the role of the first lady, and also what kind of life awaits one of the most unusual hostesses of the White House - in the material "".

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Just not that

The last thing the billionaire's wife and former model Melania Trump wanted was to become the first lady of the United States. However, it was she who influenced her husband's decision to run in the 2016 elections. According to insiders, it was Melania who categorically told her husband: "Either run already or not." The businessman intended to try himself as the head of state for a long time, and “this striptease”, as she called such impulses, was tired of everyone. She understood that leadership is in her husband's blood and if he does not try, he will not be happy.

Trump's first wife Ivan, with whom he divorced in 1990, spoke about this. “The problem is what he will do with his third wife,” Ivana reasoned about the prospects for Donald and Melania. "She can't speak, can't give a speech, doesn't attend events and, apparently, doesn't want to participate in all this."

Melania Trump is a native of Slovenia, nee Knavs, and received American citizenship 14 years ago. She became the first White House mistress in the history of the United States for whom English was not her first language. Insiders assured: Trump did not prepare for the role of the most important wife in the country until the last.

“She didn’t want this and never thought that Trump would win. She wanted to avoid it by all means, ”said one of the insiders about Melania.

Even with the move to the Washington residence of the President's wife in 2017, she was in no hurry, waiting for the end of the school year for her son Barron in Florida.

Melania's life in Washington was surrounded by secrets and rumors. She appeared in public less often than her predecessors and did not burn with public work. At the same time, the launch of her personal social project - each of the first ladies has such a program - was postponed for a long time. As a result, the Be Best initiative, which aims to combat child bullying and drugs, received little attention.

It is worth noting that Melania herself has something to say about ostracism: for four years, the media discussed and condemned her behavior, outfits, taste, accent, manner of public speaking. She was accused of plagiarizing the speeches of the previous first lady Michelle Obama, disrespecting Africa's colonial past, and turning her Christmas decorations into memes.

It was believed that she hated the media and journalists accompanying her status and deliberately avoided them. And this despite the fact that Melania Trump is the only first lady with a modeling past, who, moreover, posed naked.

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Melania in reserve

Rumors of Mrs. Trump's dissatisfaction with the duties of the first lady were confirmed by footage in which she either abruptly pulled her hand away from her husband, then moved squeezed and unnaturally, then sat with a displeased face. There were many reasons for this behavior: constant pressure from the press, condemnation on the Internet, scandals associated with the alleged adventures of her husband.

Conspiracy theories have even appeared on the network, according to which she sends a double instead of herself to events.

For the first time, such speculations appeared in October 2017. Then, from the pages of The Guardian, it was asserted that the spouse left the president, and instead of her, a stuntman in the photo from the events. As evidence, the alleged difference in the appearance of the real first lady and the one that appeared with the head of state was cited.

Once again, lovers of such theories became more active when Melania was in the hospital in May 2018. For five weeks, no one saw her, and the White House did not comment on the absence of the first lady. Moreover, Trump himself once, answering a question about where his wife is, said that she was looking at them right now from the window. He even pointed to one of them, but no one was behind him.

New talk about the "spare Melania" spread during the pre-election rallies and debates in October 2020: a double with a different nose shape allegedly began to appear in public again.

“The only thing I will miss after the departure of this administration is how they are replacing Melania and think that we will not notice. It's like we're four-year-olds who exchange dead guppy fish for living ones in an aquarium, "joked Twitter users. The White House, however, has denied rumors of a double of the first lady.

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The sweet taste of freedom

“She just wants to go home,” a family friend conveyed Melania's mood after all the fuss with the elections. As for a possible attempt by her husband to be re-elected in 2024, the comment was pretty obvious: "She is unlikely to want to repeat it."

For the former model, the Florida house is a much more familiar place, according to informants. According to rumors, interior designer Tham Kannalikham, who was hired by the Trumps in 2017 to design private rooms in the White House, at the end of 2020 was already working in full swing at a residence in Palm Beach. He was preparing the house for the return of the spouses in January: he monitored the progress of cosmetic repairs, selected fittings, while furniture, art and other utensils belonging to the family were counted in Washington.

According to sources, along with the designer in Mar-a-Lago, there are also secret service officers who will protect the former president's family. True, Melania Trump, as in 2017, can first wait until her son's school year ends and not rush to move.

However, now her life, even in Palm Beach, is unlikely to be the same.

“She understands that her husband is not the ex-president who will step down and live a quiet life, write memoirs or collect oil paintings,” the sources say.

Melania herself does not intend to disappear from the radar either. As her friends told reporters, she is already thinking about future projects, in particular, like many previous ex-first ladies, about the book. Memoirs “Becoming. My Story ”Michelle Obama has already become a bestseller, Laura Bush also released her memoirs of life in the White House. True, the text format does not attract Ms. Trump too much; it is, rather, about a gift edition with photographs. The book will probably focus on the history of White House hospitality or a collection of designs that the first lady was involved in.

One of the sources confirmed that Trump does not intend to say goodbye to the Be Best project. However, observers believe that the initiative will sink into oblivion as soon as it leaves the White House. In support of this forecast, the office of the first lady is the smallest (only 12 employees) in modern US history.

And yet they assure him: Melania Trump was passionate about work. After the election, she was actively involved in Christmas decorations in the White House. In December, the renovation of the tennis pavilion of the residence under the leadership of the first lady was also completed. True, the photos in which she poses with a shovel in a raincoat and stiletto heels have caused popular criticism.

“I think Melania will return to the life of a trend-setting lady, and that's her right, but if she wrote a book, she would make good money,” says journalist Keith Andersen Brower, who has written three books about life in the White House.

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“If she wrote a book without cuts, like Nancy Reagan's My Turn, it would be good. And she may well do it, given that sometimes she speaks very frankly, ”said journalist Keith Andersen Brower.

Melania Trump was an atypical first lady and will most likely become an unusual ex-hostess of the White House. It is unlikely that she will get carried away by working in the fund or library of her husband, as did many of her predecessors, or will continue to serve for the benefit of American society. Now that the burden of the status of the main wife in the country has been lifted from her shoulders, she can finally return to her former life: the mother of a teenager and the wife of an influential husband.

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