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'She blackmailed me': Marat Basharov, after a divorce, gave the apartment to his beaten wife


Source: Rambler

It became known that Elizabeth Basharova got after a divorce.


In late March, Marat Basharov divorced his third wife, Elizabeth, writes Rambler.

The reason for the separation of the couple was the aggressive behavior of the actor. On New Year's Eve, Marat beat Elizabeth and broke her nose. After that, the woman filed for divorce.

Now new details of the separation of the spouses have become known. Basharov in his Facebook reported that he gave the former wife and son one of the apartments.

She blackmailed me with a statement to the police. I gave the largest living space of the three available, in any case it will go to my son! And this lady, who is looking for a freebie, now let her live under the name of her mother and brother, - said Basharov.

True, the actor pretty quickly deleted this message, but it was managed to cite numerous media.

Recall that in the summer of 2016, a son, Marcel, was born to Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova. In the fall of 2017, the couple got married. By the way, this is already Not the first spouse, on which Basharov raises his hand.

Previously, actress Ekaterina Arkharova divorced him because of this.

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