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She turned the men, as she wanted, and always threw the first: the story of Barbra Streisand



The story of how an ugly girl with an unusual name (Barbra decided to get rid of the letter "a" in her name at the age of 16) achieved not only worldwide popularity, but also won the hearts of many men.

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Barbra Streisand's childhood

She was born to a Jewish family in New York in 1942, tells Because of their appearance, classmates often teased a girl. A big long nose, squinting eyes, a bony figure - all this was a motive for ridicule. In her family, too, did not spoil. Father died, and stepfather often tapping girl. But despite her appearance, from childhood she dreamed of becoming an actress. Mother discouraged - such a plain as you, nothing to do in the cinema. Rat, Zamorysh, Gadunysh - so often the mother turned to her daughter. All these reasons would be enough for many to give up their dreams. But not this girl!

Who doesn't know Barbra Streisand today? Great singer, actress, director, producer. She was the first female composer in the history of America to receive an Academy Award. Her voice won the hearts of not only the American public, but the whole world. When Barbra announced her farewell concert, fans paid a fortune for the chance to say goodbye to a legend.

By the way, the name Streisand is correctly read as “Striisand”. The actress removed the letter "a" from the name "Barbara" herself to make the name more noticeable, distinctive - and all her life she calls herself Barbara.

In the meantime, the teenager Barbra, looking in the mirror, often asked herself the question: “Why am I so ugly?”. Until the thought struck her: “I am beautiful! The problem is not with me - just the majority have a very common sense of beauty. ” She dyed her hair green, bleached her face with lime and went to school like that. And Barbra felt like a star, as numerous views were directed towards her. The school principal was outraged; he forced the girl to be put in order. But the hair dye was super stable, and mommy had to shave the girl bald. But Streisand was not upset, as the bald skull attracted the attention even more.

First success

Barbra began her path to fame with a local cafe. But even there it was not easy to get through with such an appearance. There is nothing to do to such a "little bitch" on stage - they told her! Streisand did not give up. She grappled with the guard, and while he hesitated - rushed to the microphone. In a crimson wig, with bright long nails, black mesh stockings, she looked ridiculous. Not at all embarrassed, not paying attention to the cries of "Get out, ugly!" Barbra stuck her gum to the microphone and began to sing. Her voice and passion were so mesmerizing that the cries of the visitors began to subside.

They looked at her with open mouths and forgot that an ugly, funny girl was in front of them - at that moment she was beautiful!

She used this technique throughout her life. Classical beauty is boring - she made the right conclusion! There are so many beautiful people in the world, but where are they? Very few, even very beautiful people, can stay on top of fame. But Barbra has an edge over all these people. Her appearance - she is so unique - and this is her trump card! To amaze and shock is the key to success!

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Debut in the movie

Her film debut also began with a curiosity. For the movie "Funny Girl" they were looking for a female lead. And all the challengers tried to impress the director William Wyler and the handsome actor Omar Sharif.

They enthusiastically plunged into the kissing scene. But the director just shrugged his shoulders - "Not bad, but ...". And now it was Barbra's turn. She did not ascend, she scrambled, having time to stumble, stagger, and in order not to finally collapse onto the stage she grabbed the curtain.

"What is this copy?" - the director pleaded and turned away so as not to observe this ridiculous sight. But at the same moment he heard Omar scream: “You are a fool, oh-oh-oh! This crazy girl bit me! " Blood dripped from the actor's lips.

But the whole production group was dying with laughter. The director appreciated the reaction of the public and approved Barbru for the lead role. This picture made Streisand a star! When you watch this movie, it seems that Barbra played herself. Her dialogues are imbued with such self-irony, but at the same time such a sense of self-esteem. I advise everyone to watch this movie!

With talent, perseverance and a beautiful voice, Barbra achieved the pinnacle of success in acting and singing careers. In 1994, during her world tour, concert tickets in 350 dollars were sold out for 2 hours. She recorded more than forty discs, thirty of which were platinum.

How to learn to conquer the hearts of men?

But how to learn to conquer the hearts of men with such appearance? Barbra found the key to this secret. She has developed her own communication strategy with men. She was important not only the attention of the opposite sex, but also the surprise of others. "How could such a dumb woman catch such a handsome and successful man?" And indeed, during the life of Barbara surrounded her, only beautiful, successful and famous men.

The first husband is the handsome Elliott Gould, then the young and rich owner of the elite hairdressing salon John Peter was caught in her network. He was much younger than Barbra. This marriage surprised all of America. Barbra sought submission from men, while she led a rather free life.

There are legends about her novels. The men went crazy about her, trying to win Barbara’s hands and hearts.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, tennis player Andre Agassi - he was 28 years younger than Barbra, heir to the Baskin Robbins empire Richard Baskin - these are just some of the men who tried to win the heart of the "beautiful ugly woman". She used them, and then got rid of them like a boring toy.

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Barbra Streisand's Secret

What was the secret of Barbra? Looking at the next victim, she was not at all about to curry favor with the man, on the contrary, with all her behavior, she made it clear that she was doing him a favor, turning her attention to the man! And he needs to try hard to win her heart!

Love in her life

One day, Barbra's heart melted. It happened at a party with friends in 1998. There she met handsome James Brolin, an impressive gray-haired man. She really fell in love - and after a few days they decided to get married.

They are still together. They travel a lot, play basketball, play on the stock exchange, watch TV. A happy family life is now Barbra's wish! And she successfully brings it to life! Barbra stopped acting and devoted herself to quieter pursuits. She took up clothing, furniture, interior design and painting. Until her friend and actor persuaded to play in the movie "Meet the Fockers".

The actor admitted that he persuaded Barbru with the phrase: "We need a hilarious actress with a huge, long nose."

What is beauty?

At different times, the criteria for beauty were different signs. One of the tribes believed that only girls with clubfoot can be beautiful: in order to survive, one had to be able to ride a horse. In post-war times in Russia, it was believed that only a woman with rather large forms was beautiful - this was an indicator of the girl's health and the prosperity of her family. Beauty is a relative concept.

And if you think that you are not lucky with your appearance, and all of your failures are for this - read the story of Barbra Streisand again! Beauty inside us - learn to use this advantage, and turn your faults into advantages!

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