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'She turned it off': relatives of the late soloist 'Ivanushki' blame the cohabitant for his death


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Details of the death of Oleg Yakovlev, a former member of the popular Ivanushki International group, who died two years ago from heart failure, became known. He was then 48 years old.


Relatives of the musician are still fighting for his inheritance, bringing to the public not only his personal life, but also the details of death. Yakovlev managed to leave a will in which he left his property to a close friend Roman Radov and niece Tatyana Yakovleva. Oleg had several apartments in Moscow and abroad with a total value of approximately 75 million hryvnias, as well as antique furniture and paintings by famous artists, they write Facts.

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The property is also claimed by the cohabitant Yakovleva, producer Alexandra Kutsevol. She tries to challenge the will and claims that shortly before the death of Oleg, they officially formalized the relationship. Allegedly married in Serbia. Litigation lasts. The heirs believe that Kutsevol faked a marriage certificate. Alexandra refused to vacate an apartment in the center of Moscow on Derbenevskaya Embankment.

“We were forced to go to court because Sasha voluntarily did not want to leave this apartment,” Romanova’s lawyer said in the program “Live”.


Tatiana Yakovleva, the niece, was shocked by the statement that Oleg could have been killed intentionally. She believes that Kutsevol disconnected the singer from the ventilator.

“After Oleg fell into a coma, only two days passed. Doctors turned to Sasha and asked what to do next. At that moment, if I knew what the question would be, I wouldn’t turn it off in my life, but Sasha would turn it off, ”said Tatyana Yakovleva.

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Recall that the musician was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia; he was in intensive care unit on a ventilator.

Yakovlev has been a member of Ivanushki International since 1998 of the year. In 2013, the singer left the band for a solo career. Released the clips “Call me after three champagne” and “Dance with closed eyes”.

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