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'Okroshka is like a salad with Coca-Cola': what surprised and shocked foreigners the summer in Russia


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Russian summer is not about the Cote d'Azur and colorful cocktails (although in some regions there is also such an option), but a unique flavor with forests and cucumbers from your grandmother, forcing visiting foreigners to reflect on the meaning of life. In general, Russia cannot be understood with the mind, but with the soul - easily. Read how guests of the country react to the Russian summer and what causes them maximum bewilderment, writes Bigpicture.

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Hot water shut off

In civilized countries, hot water is either available or not. Outage on schedule is nonsense. That is why foreigners cannot understand why the hotel takes money if it is not able to control the situation.

  • Jesus, USA:

“I didn’t know that hot water is turned off here until that day came. I told my colleagues about this, and they suggested that I do what some Russian men do. Namely - to take an icy shower, singing a song loudly: they say it helps to forget that the water is icy. I have tried but to no avail. Chanting My Girl By The Temptations as loud as possible had no effect. Maybe you can recommend me another song? "


Despite the availability of any information on the Internet, many foreigners still believe that there is no summer in Russia. That is, technically, it seems to be there, but it differs from winter only with the upper unbuttoned button on a sheepskin sheepskin coat. Although many have heard about seaside resorts, they probably believe that the harsh Russians feel great in icy water.

  • Lindsay Hardy, UK:

“I was expecting a cold winter, and the warm summer in September, when the temperature was almost + 20 ° C, was quite unexpected. I remember the first snow fell on October 15, my mother's birthday, when only leaves fall. I really liked the weather, and the winter too, because you can feel all the seasons and see the beauty of all seasons. "

  • Vicky Hoof, UK:

“The only negative in Russia is the short summer. Therefore, when the warm season comes, people try to have as much fun as possible. I am ashamed to confess, but before coming to Russia I thought that there is no summer here. Then it turned out that summer in Russia is even better than ours. "

  • Mohamed Tahar Assess, Algeria:

"If we talk about the first impression, then in my homeland they say: 'It's cold as in Siberia" - so I did not expect that it would be so hot here! "

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By mushrooms

Why pick mushrooms and risk your life if you can buy them in any supermarket, foreigners who do not understand the intricacies of the Russian soul will ask you. What do you mean why? It's a drive, a fight, the same Russian roulette. You do not understand anything.

  • User parsjukin on Yaplakal:

“We walked in a forest park in Switzerland. (My sister is married to a Swiss.) I saw a whole meadow of saffron milk caps! Next to the track. He began to tear and stuff into a plastic bag that came across. The Swiss began to be indignant: this is a public park ...

- What will you do with them?
- There is!
- They don't eat such mushrooms!
- You will try it yourself! Swallow your tongue!
- I won't eat them ...

For a guarantee, they boiled and fried at home, adding boiled potatoes ... Purely mechanically, they put a portion for him ... He sat down and began to carefully poke ... try ... As a result, he ate everything and fished something from his sister's plate ... The next year the Swiss himself tore mushrooms there in two hands! "

Summer houses

Dacha is not a place for relaxation and fun. This is the hard work of hilling, watering and digging, which the Russians put on their mighty shoulders after a five-day work week. And having completed all the garden duties, they return to the city through huge traffic jams in order to go back to their main work in the morning. And so from early spring to late autumn.

  • Ferdinando de Fenza, Italy:

"The contrasts are surprising: the patriarchal-looking old women on the street corner sell berries from their garden to feed themselves, and right there alongside expensive cars rush along the avenues ..."

  • Marc Ahr, France:

“I really like Russian dachas, I want to write a book about vegetable gardens. This needs to be done in the near future, because they will soon disappear - modern girls will not plant cucumbers. I want to drive a car all over Russia, buy berries from my grandmothers in every village and make jam. "

  • Jack Millston, USA:

“The days at the dacha passed slowly and lazily. Against the background of apple trees and bushes of raspberries, daisies and Christmas trees, I collected grass cuttings, sawed wood with a chainsaw and read about the Zapotec rituals while my son dozed peacefully in the shade ... If there is heaven somewhere, the dacha is very similar to him. The only thing - in paradise, most likely, they serve something other than soup for lunch. "

Tea in the heat

It turns out that Russians drink not only vodka. They drink hot tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they also whip it in the heat. What's wrong with them?

  • Charles Thompson, USA:

“On my first day in Russia ... there was a terrible heat. I lived in a small room with no air conditioning. It was 35 ° C that day, but the first thing they offered me was hot tea - this is in such heat! I was stunned and asked for plain water, but it was not. "

Homemade jam and pickles

Every home has a jar of something tasty and homemade. And let them say that everything is the same in supermarkets - their own.

  • User belan_olga in LiveJournal:

“My friend Katie, who, by the way, has Russian roots, for some reason believed that the traditional Russian food is bear meat with soaked lingonberries ... And most of all she was struck by my most ordinary pickles. Of course, America is full of pickles of all stripes, but they are always pickled and pickled with the addition of sugar or vinegar. Our friends from Washington liked our pickled cucumbers so much that they even took a can with them. "

  • Dasha Walter, The website:

“It's funny, but the most favorite Russian dish for most of my foreign acquaintances is pickled and pickled cucumbers. And they are in one form or another in many cuisines, but friends who have tasted them in Russia said that they didn’t eat better. ”

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Kissel, jellied meat and other delicacies

For the most part, Russian cuisine does not shock foreigners, but some dishes still throw them into a stupor. But it also happens the other way around! As they say, love from the first spoon.

  • Johan Motta, Colombia:

“This Russian cold soup is okroshka. I was once offered to try it, and for a long time I could not understand: is this a joke? It's like pouring Coca-Cola over any salad and saying that this is such a special national dish! "

  • Pei Xia, Vietnam:

“I don't understand a little whether this is a dish or a drink - jelly. I don't know how to relate to him. This is not jelly or Russian fruit drink, this is something in between. At first I even wanted to dilute it with boiling water to make it look like juice. But I was told that this viscous mass should be drunk as it is. "

  • Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva, Brazil:

“Our Russian grandmother ... often offers to taste cucumbers from the dacha. And we don't eat raw cucumbers! It's like eating raw eggplant. "

  • Ammar Alansaari, UAE:

“I am a fan of buckwheat, I eat buckwheat porridge every morning. And I have compote and fruit drink instead of blood. "

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