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Huge refrigerator and microwave hood: what surprised me the kitchens in American homes


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Channel author "Elena in America”On Yandex Zen talked about how kitchens look in typical American houses, how different they are from those we see in the movies, and how they can surprise an immigrant or a tourist from the post-Soviet space.

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A little about American kitchens: they are small in small houses and large in large ones. This is rarely shown in films, and many people, when they say "American cuisine", picture huge kitchens in their imaginations. However, many people have little more kitchens than those in our Khrushchevs.

Often, the kitchen is combined with the dining room, where there are a table and chairs.

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The cupboards in the middle of the kitchen (if there are any, because space is needed for them), covered with a countertop, are called an “island”.

Often, a seating area is arranged behind the “islands”, according to the principle of a bar counter.

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Almost everyone has a dishwasher. This is as much an integral part of the kitchen as the stove.

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And also hoods (especially if this is a house). Often they are built into the bottom of the microwave (2-in-1!).

Single shells are equally common, as are double ones.

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If there is room to turn around, the Americans will prefer a large refrigerator, but better - a huge one! And so that filtered water and ice come out of it! Ice is generally sacred!

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And if one refrigerator is not enough, you can buy a second. Well, at worst, at least a separate freezer must be purchased! Are you American or who?

Washing machine and kitchen are incompatible!

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As a rule, housing in America is rented and sold unfurnished, but with a kitchen. However, there are exceptions.

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And what is most important for you in the kitchen, what are you willing to give up? I can’t imagine a kitchen without a dishwasher, but I’m ready to sacrifice a microwave.

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