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John F. Kennedy's 'Official' Assassin and His Russian Wife: The Story of the Oswald Family



There are now many who doubt that it was Harvey Lee Oswald, President Kennedy's "official" assassin, who actually organized and carried out this crime. But at the time of Kennedy's death, this version seemed to everyone very convincing - there was a lot of circumstantial evidence against Oswald. First of all - his sympathy for the "Soviets", the fight against capitalism and the wife he brought from the USSR, says the author of the blog "Writes DomBusin" on

The moment of the Kennedy assassination. Screenshot: Incidenty / YouTube

At the time of Kennedy's death, "killer of the century" Harvey Lee Oswald was only 24 years old, but he had already ridden around the world while serving in the US Marine Corps.

Harvey became perhaps the first and only Marine to escape to the Soviet Union. While still at school, he was fond of the ideas of socialism, in the army he tried to learn Russian, and after being discharged to the reserve he made a roundabout way from America to Helsinki, where he received a Soviet visa.

Oswald planned to apply for Soviet citizenship and go to study at Moscow State University. In the heat of the moment, he even announced that he was giving up his American citizenship, but he was allowed to live only in Minsk and was given a job at a local radio factory.

By the way, Oswald's curator and his assistant in the study of the Russian language became, by a strange coincidence, the young Stanislav Shushkevich, the one who in 1991 signed the Belovezhskaya Agreements on behalf of Belarus.

In Minsk, the former infantryman quickly got bored and even began to think about returning home (US citizenship remained with him), but he met a student at a dance, Marina Prusakova, and a month and a half later they got married.

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And a year later, they left the Union for America with their daughter, and a year later they had a second.

In general, the biography of Harvey Lee Oswald amazes with its rapid turns - how in 24 years it was possible to do so much, it is impossible to believe. All the events to which people devote months and years, service, preparation for emigration, marriage, return, in Oswald's case, took weeks, if not days.

The character of Oswald is remarkably described in the fantastic, of course, but very at the same time King's documentary novel "11.22.63". Stephen King studied in great detail the documents and circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination, as well as the testimony, and made a very real psychological portrait of the president's killer.

Harsh, explosive, impulsive, easily breaking into rudeness, Oswald was so physically exhausted by his irrepressible nature that he looked much older than his age. People who knew him closely, argued during the investigation that such an emaciated and nervous man with trembling hands would never have been able to hit a stationary target with a rifle.

Really, that time he was just lucky several times to hit the president from a great distance?

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He was even denied a Cuban visa a couple of months before Kennedy's assassination, barely glancing at him at the consulate. He was eager to help the revolution in Cuba, but the consul immediately realized that such a person would bring some problems in half with a huge useless fuss, and sent the fighter against the regime home.

This is the husband that went to Marina Prusakova.

Marina Prusakova. Screenshot: CNN / YouTube

She found herself completely alone in a foreign country, with two tiny daughters, with a nervous and tormented husband, who could appear and leave at any time on business of his dissident mission. Jealous, hot-tempered and angry, easily raising his hand to his wife and able to make a scandal out of the blue.

Fortunately, Marina easily knew how to find friends and just make acquaintances, this turned out to be a great support for her in emigration.

Screenshot: Harvey Lee Oswald. CNN / YouTube

Probably, Marina was also helped to survive such a marriage by a big difference in temperaments. For the explosive Harvey, time dragged on slowly, which is why he swung around and acted so quickly, managing to do three or five times more things than an ordinary person would do.

And Marina, on the contrary, lived in a slow pace, and two and a half years of marriage, albeit a very problematic one, with relocations, beaters and passions, passed her by without major moral trauma.

She quickly recovered after the arrest and imminent murder of her husband. She gave testimony and interviews, and two years later she married again.

Harvey Lee Oswald was killed in front of dozens of people and almost live, just two days after Kennedy's death. This moment got into the lens of television cameras:

Marina is alive and now, she is almost eighty, lives in America - she has four children, grandchildren. She believes that her first husband, Harvey Lee Oswald, was innocent and could not organize the murder.

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