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Odessa has grown her hair under two meters and does not wash them for weeks


Source: Medialeaks

Alena Kravchenko, a resident of the Ukrainian Odessa, has such long hair that when she dissolves them, she stumbles about them herself. The girl claims that she hasn’t cut her hair for 28 for years, but preserves the beauty of curls due to the fact that she rarely washes them: only once every three weeks, and she tries to do without shampoo.

Photo: instagram / alenuwka__

Meet Alyona Kravchenko from Odessa. She has 33 of the year, she has two little twins and her own business. The girl arranges holidays for children, writes Medialeaks.

Recently, Alena was interviewed by the British edition of the Daily Mail, whose journalists were hit by her hair. The girl claims that she has not cut her hair since she was five, and now she is already thirty-three. Alona's curls have already outgrown her, reaching almost two meters in length. With such hair, it is not so difficult for her to walk, but also to sit too.

Photo: instagram / alenuwka__

As Alena told the Daily Mail, her mother’s partly inspired her to grow such long curls.

She has told me since childhood that female beauty is in her hair. Over time, I myself realized that she was right. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a girl with natural long wavy curls.

Alena sometimes cut her own tips, but no more. Thus, by the 14-16 age she had hair up to the shoulder blades, by 20 - up to the waist, and by 30 - already to the floor. Now Alena’s hair continues to grow, although much slower.

Most often, the girl tying her curls in a bun or in a braid, so as not to interfere with her daily activities.

Photo: instagram / alenuwka__

Dissolves Alena's hair only on special occasions and rejoices at this as a holiday. After all, the beam because of the mass of hair turns out to be heavy and uncomfortable.

Photo: instagram / alenuwka__

Perhaps you also wonder how Alena copes with the washing of the head, but the secret of the girl is simple: she does it very rarely - once every three weeks. Alyona believes that the chemicals contained in shampoos can damage her hair, so not only trying to use them to a minimum, but also using natural oils whenever possible.

Alyona has no plans to cut off curls in the near future, because, according to her, they make her unique and attract the attention of people to her.

My husband first saw my full-length hair on our third or fourth date and was just in shock, but then he got used to it.

Alyona also plans to instill a love for her long hair in her twin daughters. While she mows them, but then she wants to give the girls an independent choice.

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