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Coronavirus outbreak: what and how to disinfect in a car


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A car could potentially become the focus of the spread of coronavirus, which survives especially on plastic and steel. Gazeta.Ru analyzed ways to independently solve this problem.

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As scientists recently found out, the longest coronavirus remains active on plastic and steel - just those materials, of which there are a lot of in the car. On them, harmful bacteria can live up to two and a half weeks. However, this does not always mean that the virus is still viable.

The New England Medical Journal (USA) published a study that tested how long the virus can remain stable on various surfaces under controlled laboratory conditions. It turned out that it can be found on copper in the range up to four hours, on cardboard - up to 24 hours, on plastic and steel - up to 72 hours. It would seem that from this we can conclude that a three-day quarantine of the car will help to solve the problem, but no one gives an absolutely accurate guarantee.

There is no consensus on how to clean the car of coronavirus, cleaning companies do not. In early March, Rospotrebnadzor sent instructions to large transport and taxi companies, which casually talked about the use of chloroactive or oxygen-based disinfectants.

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The experts of the American analytical company Kelley Blue Book (KBB, publishes car market marketing research), having analyzed a number of scientific works and the experience of Chinese motorists, published their recommendations. First of all, they advise you to purchase a regular medical sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Regularly use them to process the places where the hands touch the parts of the cab and the external body.

Especially often you need to clean the steering wheel, according to, the concentration of microbes on it can be four times higher than on the toilet seat. Then you need to process the radio, elements of voice control, cruise control, navigation, turn signal knobs and a windshield washer, as well as a gear selector.

It is also worth cleaning the door armrests, center console, display screen, cup holders, all clothing niches, air conditioning ducts and exterior door handles.

What not to use

Do not take bleaches or hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. Both chemicals will help eliminate coronavirus, but they will also damage the vinyl and plastics used in most modern machines.

“Under no circumstances should you use ammonia-based cleaners.

It destroys vinyl on the dashboard, making it sticky when exposed to heat and light. In addition, to avoid damage to anti-reflective coatings, wipers should not be used for touch screens, ”KBB experts say.

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If you don’t have any disinfectant wipes or other cleaners on hand, a good cleaning with soap and water will help protect surfaces from coronavirus and other germs. It is not worthwhile to exert a lot of effort during operation, otherwise you can remove some surface coatings or dyes.

Of course, all work must be carried out with gloves, a protective mask and glasses. It is advisable to take unnecessary clothes, which can then be disposed of.

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