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The flip side of everyday travel bloggers: why travel is not so cool


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What lies behind the vivid photos of travelers on social networks, says the author of the blog Biletik.Aero on Yandex Zen.

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The life of travel bloggers is a dream for many. They travel the world, see beauty, meet new people and receive money and fame for this. But few people think about what remains behind the scenes: trips do not always go smoothly, fatigue quickly accumulates, and all the time is devoted to creating content and worrying about the number of subscribers. Is the travel blogger’s life really beautiful? We reveal secrets.

No financial stability

Contrary to popular belief, travel bloggers don't always make millions. The truth is that at least the first year the blogger works only on enthusiasm and travels the world at his own expense. To gain a lot of subscribers, it takes a lot of time and hard work. Some content makers are investing huge amounts in blog promotion. And only then can large advertisers notice a traveler: they do not cooperate with small and little-known channels. At the same time, the blogger’s income remains irregular ˗ in some periods he signs large-value contracts, in others ˗ lives on the remaining savings.

XNUMX hour work

Many tend to discount the work of a blogger. Like, think, you just need to grimace at the camera or write a post on a social network. But blogging is hard round-the-clock work. Travelers need to constantly invent and make content, write scripts, spend a lot of time filming, communicate with the audience and advertisers, and think about blog promotion. Sometimes this has to be done in difficult conditions: for example, in the heat or in road shaking. So travel bloggers spend much more hours on work than regular office workers.

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Technology Dependence

A travel blogger’s working tool is his technique: a camera with lenses, a laptop, a tripod, a lot of wires. The traveler has to carry several backpacks filled with all of this. Do not forget that the equipment can break down, and you should always take care of its condition. In such conditions it is difficult to relax and enjoy the journey.

Content Above All

When travel is work, the blogger commits himself to creating content for his viewers, no matter what happens. Bad mood, lack of sleep or malaise ˗ most often bloggers have to hide it in order to get beautiful and exciting shots.

It is difficult to maintain relationships with loved ones

Modern technology helps to maintain contact at a distance, but nothing can replace live communication. Travelers are away from home for a long time, and this disrupts communication with relatives and friends. Sooner or later, any travel blogger has to miss the birthday of his beloved grandmother or the performance of his nephew in a school play. And with friends who have settled down and started a family, there are less and less common topics for conversation.

No serious relationship

On travel, you can meet many new interesting people. But the travel blogger’s lifestyle is hard to fit into a long love relationship. Long separations, different life experiences ˗ all this interferes with a strong marriage. An exception would be couples who explore the world together. But they still have to settle down for a while if they plan to have children.

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Sensations become less acute

When you are planning a vacation for a year and finally embarking on a journey, you are surely overwhelmed with emotions. But for travel bloggers, travel becomes a chore for which they get paid. Inveterate travelers see so many new places that their feelings are dulled. To experience surprise, they need an increasingly unusual and extreme experience. As they say, all the best should be in moderation.


In the end, any inveterate traveler is overwhelmed with homesickness, familiar places and stability. And just fatigue overcomes: packing and unpacking suitcases, booking tickets, planning routes - all this is fun, but it takes a lot of energy. Sooner or later, any travel blogger thinks he would trade the Egyptian pyramids or alpine peaks for his sofa, TV and mother’s soup.

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