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Exchange processes: nutritionist advice

Alla Tsvetkova



When we start to lose weight, we struggle with the consequences - with extra pounds - and, unfortunately, we forget about becoming slim once and for all, we need to find the cause of the excess weight. In other words, why do we gain weight. Today we will try to understand this issue in detail ...


As practice shows, only 5-7% of people are overweight due to certain endocrine diseases that arise at the genetic level. The remaining 95% are overweight from overeating. Those. eating more than necessary.

And all our actions aimed at dropping extra pounds often do not normalize the metabolic processes, but rather slow them down.

Myth: Fasting or low-calorie diets

Starvation and strict low-calorie diets lead to an underestimation of metabolic processes, and therefore when you return to normal life and your usual diet, weight also returns.

True: A balanced diet corresponding to your physiology

You need to lose weight the way you will eat all your life, minus 30% of the total diet. Initially, you need to determine for yourself what products and dishes are useful for you, useless and harmful.

Correctly combine healthy and junk food. Eat right five days a week, develop the right eating habits, and two - relax, eat as it will. With this approach, there is no slowing down of metabolic processes, you develop your own individual style of nutrition, and at the end of the weight loss process you get a stable result.

Myth: We do not drink a lot of water because of the risk of edema.

One of the most common misconceptions. After all, swelling occurs from a lack of fluid in the body, and not from an overabundance.

Righteousness: Water contributes to weight loss

The use of 1.5-2 liters of water per day accelerates metabolic processes, i.e., accelerates the process of weight loss. Also, the body is cleared of toxins and toxins, which positively affects your well-being.

Myth: Do not follow the diet

In the morning they drank a cup of coffee with hard cheese, ate a sandwich in the afternoon, and in the evening - a full meal to satisfy the physiological and emotional hunger.

In principle, there is not a lot of food, but the main daily callorage falls in the evening. Our actions in this case are directed against the physiological processes and needs of our body. This not only does not lead to weight loss, but can also contribute to gaining extra pounds.

Righteousness: Well-developed diet

For the restoration of metabolic processes is very important diet. Every 3-4 hours a certain amount of food should get into your body, from 350 to 400 g. With this food style, you will not feel a strong feeling of hunger, you can make the right decision when choosing foods, and this will support your metabolism at the proper level.

Myth: Do a lot of sports

Strengthened exercise, long-term with a large physical activity naturally contribute to weight loss and slim figure. But our body becomes accustomed to such high energy costs, and in the case of termination of these activities dropped pounds returned.

We can not rely on the fact that we will spend our whole life in the gym.

Righteousness: Daily charge from 20 to 40 minutes

Your physical activities, as well as nutrition, must be selected individually. Enough 20-minute charge to keep fit. But this should be one of the rules of your life. Select exercises so that you can perform them daily, throughout life, and it brought you pleasure.

The key to success in the process of weight loss depends on the choice of a specialist (nutritionist, trainer, psychologist) who will help you go this way and get a stable result.

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