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About ordinary cowardice and extraordinary heroism in an era of mortal menace

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


They themselves hate being called heroes. And I still call it, and I will never stop. And the reason for this is quite prosaic and should be clear to everyone - 99% of us will not want to do their work for any price in peacetime. This is when everything is calm and there are no problems. And when there is an all-planetary guard, save yourself who can, the infection mows everyone down - even more so.

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Amazing people: firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses. Real heroes. And the main thing is that not everyone understands this, and treats them as you would treat an elevator operator, a bank employee giving you money or a bartender in a restaurant ... That is, in no way. Usually. You work here for a salary, serve me. And that's all.

And I am very offended for them, because there is no special salary (well, maybe only for doctors, and even then not for everyone), for which it is worth risking your life - your own, your family - and sometimes even give this life, because someone drank too much, went crazy, quarreled with the bride, or, as now, fell ill with a viral infection, and there was a shortage of masks and gloves, since there were no designed for everyone.

Suffice it to recall what happened on September 11 in New York when buildings collapsed. Yes, many fled from them. And this is a normal human reflex sharpened for self-preservation. But many fled to them, realizing that now it would be necessary to save those who survived. And there were many of them who survived. And by the way, many of those who rushed to save the people, when the buildings had not collapsed after being hit by planes, died trying to take out those who wanted to and calm down the panicking. And those who rushed to the wreckage of the fallen buildings also paid. Some quickly, and some - for years coughing up everything they breathed in there, trying to help the victims.

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Although I would very much like to call myself a hero, in comparison with them - an ordinary ordinary coward. I cannot say with certainty that I would be ready to "throw myself on the bayonets" and be in the first line of defense when there are either only killers around you (I'm talking about police officers patrolling dangerous areas), or only sick people, and this disease is contagious. I don't know how you can forget about yourself when everything around is on fire and collapsing, and you are among the debris, bare high-voltage wires, gas leaks, pieces of fittings sticking out in all directions, and human remains ... Yes, you yourself can die, you can be filled up with debris , electrocuted, you can become infected (as now) and find out about it on the 16th day, having managed to infect a dozen more others, and they, in turn, will do the same, not knowing that they are already infected.

So what am I talking about?

I want us ordinary people to suddenly realize that those who are fighting for us today on all fronts (and that's exactly what I call it, FRONT, and nothing else) deserve our deepest respect and admiration. Well, they took some oath there, so what? Why should they risk their lives for us? What makes them make such a desperate (from the point of view of the one who didn’t give such an oath) choice and where do they find strength for this, moral and physical? Who are they, people, supermen, robots, crazy? What have they invested in them, elevating them above the ordinary, above the crowd, helping them to decide that the fate of the injured, sick or in distress is more important for them than their own? What kind of fire is burning in them, whether it’s evil or divine, I don’t know. Although interested.

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We are cowards. They are heroes. And, probably, it’s better not to argue with this.

After all, here's how: a coward is a normal person who, in the situation “either he or me,” chooses himself. And that's okay. And the hero chooses NOT himself and goes into battle, into fire, into water, “to the barricades” to a hospital, where everyone is contagious ...

A deep bow to them, many thanks for their daily heroism and Hurray to everyone who devoted their lives to serving others, no matter what the cost.

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