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About childbirth, viruses and treatment with anything, or why you can not give people information

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


I suddenly remembered the documentary that I watched many years ago. In it, a man with a serious mental illness, being under hypnosis, when asked about why he was ill, replied that he could not overcome the terrible impression that his wife's birth made on him. At the birth he had to attend ten years before the day of the events described. I won’t talk about what was in this film, but it led me to an interesting thought.

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I think everyone will agree with me that childbirth, if you look at them from the outside, without being a doctor, is not fun at all. If, of course, you look from the inside, through the eyes of a woman, then she probably understands that her torment is a price (whether because of the fall of Eve and the punishment imposed on her by the Creator, or for some other reason) that everyone has to pay. mothers for the right to bring a new person into this world.

And looking outside? Especially if you don't really understand what your role is. You look and you cannot do anything to help this girl, this woman. Before you - pain, blood, torment, suffering ... Although the installation, perhaps, is: you are the father, you are to blame, you participated in the conception, so you should be there ... True, for sure, there are any other words, but the idea is clear ...

Well, and as always happens in life - not without the fact that some gentlemen, not knowing about the coming shock (the consequences of which cannot be predicted), are called to go to this execution of their own free will. I do not call childbirth execution, since it is a divine process. I'm talking about "forced observers", even if they themselves do not consider themselves as such. Today. And not under hypnosis. By the way, in ancient times in the most backward or even vice versa - in developed civilizations, men, fathers or not, did not become witnesses of such spectacles. It would be interesting to know why? How did those dense sages motivate their absence in the “clan chamber”?

But that's not what I mean. So what are we doing? If today we start showing childbirth through all channels in all its “charms and angles”, and also make men look at it, then what do you think will happen? I think there will be horror. Someone will not even want to marry. Scared. Few will be able to look at this for long.

Among the "spectators" there will be crying ones, and those in whom it will cause disgust, and depression, perhaps. And this despite the fact that women in labor are no one to us, the audience. Just people. I am sure that if a loved one is suffering and suffering in front of you, the reaction will be completely different.

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In the Soviet Union, for example, men were not forced to go to such a spectacle in droves. This cannot be said about the situation in modern America. Okay, I'll clarify. They do not force anyone, they simply strongly advise to attend so that it becomes easier for the wife to give birth ... But, regardless of the presence of the father or his absence at this moment, the process itself still remains deadly for both the woman in labor and the baby. It always was, and it is now. Doubt? Ask any doctor who has given birth. And they die and they sew up what is torn. And serious complications do happen. And children die, and mothers. Sometimes both. And it happens that you need to choose whom to save, realizing that both will not survive ... only one ...

No, we, of course, will not compare the situation with child mortality today and one hundred thousand years ago, when they say eight out of ten died.

So what am I talking about?

Our unfortunate virus. Why is it so comprehensive? Is it because he's spiteful or because that's the only thing everyone is talking about now? And before about other epidemics, why did they not ring so purposefully from all the bell towers? And they were. And serious. Why didn't they trumpet? Is it important for us to understand or not? After all, many people have died before. It doesn't matter - more or less. It is important that we did not know about it. Not particularly interested. So they didn't tell us - and everything was fine. Or relatively normal. That is, there was a “birth”, but none of the outside “spectators” was allowed into the maternity ward. Cinema for public viewing was not filmed, and there was silence in the world, as much as there can be silence in our crazy world ... And then - screams, screams, all the numbers count, the percentage is determined, they go crazy. They send nightmares to each other, as if they are saving them from forgetfulness: "Here, they say, friend, I looked, now you should suffer, so that I would not be so lonely in my depression, gnawing out my liver ..."

That is, my idea is simple. The most novice, even an agent of any special services, will tell you that information should not be given to the people at all. Moreover, none. A little further away - sweep away toilet paper, masks and gloves. Now there are not enough of them in hospitals. As soon as the crack was opened, - all let's self-medicate and not get sick right away or recover quickly. And off we go: soda rolls - in the nose, castor balls - in the ears, hemorrhoids - three drops per hour in each eye, including the third ... and an alcohol compress on stuffed cabbage rolls - to the heels. Neighbor ...

As a professional spy, who is well versed in the topic, will again say, the people for the most part are an infantile creature and purely unpredictable. Information can always be misinterpreted, and even get mad, panic and ruin himself before the appointed time. Therefore, in all ages, even in the distant, pre-pharaonic, information was dosed. And having determined the correct dosage, they gave the population that necessary minimum so that everyone could understand its role in the general universe and in a particular room. And yet, so that our fragile cerebellum is not loaded with unnecessary knowledge and impressions. And what happens to the overloaded - you already know yourself. His Majesty the Internet and the instant opportunity to show what you just saw, without thinking about the consequences, drive the world crazy. Information splashes in the face of millions of enemas. And each enema is a button on the phone, which, almost, everyone who imagines himself ... hurries to press ... and heroically capture it. And then share with the people and enjoy the likes.

Although, probably not, not only this way. It is impossible not to mention some of the benefits of Internet communication. But in today's situation from the information flood - only one harm to people. It would be nice that no one ... anything ... knew. The last messages from the place of the freshly dug mass grave of those who died from the virus were not broadcast on all channels twenty-four hours a day ... Yes, there would probably be the same number of deaths, and perhaps no less sick. But at least the rest would not be zombified and would not bounce off people without a mask and gloves on the street, like lepers. And so - they bounce off.

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Everyone is scared. Many are cornered. And the psyche is a subtle thing and does not allow gross interference in its secret mechanism. And whoever neglects this rule, thinking that everything that happens does not affect him, is mistaken. And she will show us what she can do with us, this psyche. Then you will hear from the luminaries of psychiatry how the number of people who turned to them for help has multiplied, when it seems that the virus has already died down and one could forget about it ...


All the same.

Knowledge is power. Is always.

Ignorance - good nights and saved nerves. Sometimes ... Although, maybe, and always - too. And although many will disagree with me, I personally think so about the current situation.

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