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What do our children study abroad do?


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Family, friends, food ... What else? Representatives of foreign boarding schools shared with Zen.Yandex own experience in this matter. Here are their thoughts.

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Wayne Marshall - Headmaster - St Andrew's College Cambridge

Pupils from Russia or another country will miss home, family, friends and pets, as well as national food and sports. In the school environment, homesickness passes rather quickly.

Timothy Randall - Deputy Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Division - Westminster School

First of all, students will miss family and friends. It doesn't matter if they come from Moscow, New York or Boston. All children find it difficult to deal with homesickness. As someone coming from California and feeling homesick at the moment, my advice is to make friends, get involved in school, and keep busy. Modern technology allows you to communicate with mom, dad, brother, sister and friends using your phone or computer. Of course, this will not replace live communication with parents. Our school has vacations during the school year when students can go home and spend time with their families. Autumn holidays last approximately 10 days in November. Winter and spring break - 3 weeks. All students will have the opportunity to go home and return to school with a new supply of energy. Homesickness is challenging for any student living in a boarding school. With the help of counselors and various school activities, the feeling of melancholy disappears quickly enough.

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Brittany M. Weiss - Deputy Director of Admissions - Stoneleigh-Burnham School

When you study abroad, you are an American student studying abroad, or a Russian student who came to America, you are immersed in a different culture. We guarantee that the student will feel comfortable. We take into account all Russian cultural characteristics and arrange national holidays to make the student feel at home. You will not be the only student from afar. Students from many countries and states of the USA study in our school. American students living far from school can also be homesick and new culture. Our school does everything possible to ensure that the student has an unforgettable and positive time.

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Caleb W. Thomson - Enrollment Manager - Football Camp Director - Sports Football Team Coach - Fessenden School

First of all, children miss their families, and nothing can be done about it. If you visit the campus or consult with the agency, you will understand that the Fessenden School is a warm and friendly atmosphere. We study children from 16 countries and states of the United States. Boys from 5-9 classes receive the necessary care and care. They undoubtedly miss mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather. The school has a three-week vacation. During this period, students can go home and spend time with their families. Many families come to our campus to visit their children. Friends from Russia or other countries can also visit students. Children will be bored at home at the beginning of school, but they will soon get used to and adapt to the school environment.

Caitlin Greenwood - Deputy Director of Admissions - Ross School

First of all, children will miss the national food and their friends. On our campus there is a terrific cafe that serves dishes from various countries of the world. If you want to eat national dishes, then you can ask the chefs to cook them for you. We prepare various dishes to make students feel at home. You can communicate with friends using modern technology. Unfortunately, this will not replace you live communication with them. But you will have a great opportunity to learn how to be independent and not be afraid to do something alone. Despite the fact that you will miss certain things, studying abroad is worth it.

Ann Mills - Chair of Admissions - Montverde Academy

Our students miss home from time to time. You can communicate with your family with the help of modern technology. Families can visit students on campus. Everyone has the opportunity to communicate via gadgets or visit students. Children communicate closely with campus tutors, so they are less homesick. We have a very welcoming atmosphere, and schoolchildren are closely friends with each other. They really like to go to school and live on campus.

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Michael McKee - Director of Admissions & Development Director - Dunn School

When you leave to study in a boarding school, you will have a period of adaptation. Some students are ready for it. Only a small number of students begin to miss home, family and home country. Usually homesickness goes away after two weeks, when you make friends, meet teachers and start learning. The school helps students to adapt. Pupils make friends on campus, study and various activities. Students begin to enjoy life on campus, they are eager to come to the school, where their friends and teachers are. They stop missing their home as they did at the very beginning.

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Brad D'Arco - Director of Admissions - Northwood School

I believe that all foreign and local students take a serious decision, leaving their home to study in high school. The lack of constant communication with family and friends is the most difficult test, but this problem is solved by modern technologies. Schools also maintain contact with students' parents. At Northwood School, we organize various activities related to the cultures of our students. We arrange national and religious holidays on our campus, as this is important for our students.

Rutledge Osborne Long - Deputy Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Division - Perkiomen School

Different people have their own period of adaptation in a new country. Our students are constantly involved in school activities. Here they feel like in a family. Using FaceTime, WhatsApp and Video Chat, you can chat with your family. At our school, students are very happy. Sometimes they miss Russian cuisine or other things they used to do in their home country. We are very pleased to see students in our school feel at home.

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