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What categorically can not talk with the Americans


Source: Yandex Zen

America is the freest country in the world, and its inhabitants are rather relaxed. However, there are topics that you cannot talk about with the Americans. What are these topics and what can be threatened?

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First of all, it is worth understanding that there are many forbidden topics, but a conversation on these topics does not threaten with any sanctions or persecution. Maximum - they will no longer want to communicate with you in the same way as before, you will cross a certain line and receive public condemnation, writes the author of the channel “All works are good” on Yandex Zen.

It's all about the mentality of the Americans. They do not like to pry into someone else's life and hate even more when someone puts their nose into their lives. This rule works with everyone except close friends and close relatives.

So, in Russia, there is nothing wrong with asking your new acquaintance how much he earns or how old he is, how long he meets with his girlfriend ...

In the US, so simply not accepted. You can not cross a certain face of intima as long as you do not become close.

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Yes, for them such things are considered intimate.

These include the following topics: nationality, earnings, trolling or an abundance of sharp jokes, religious affiliation, age, attitude to politics, orientation, and many others.

Why? The reason, as I wrote above, is another mentality.

If the Russian people on the very first night after they meet can pour out all their souls, and the next day they can already become good friends, then the Americans are completely different. There is a certain frontier that can only be reached after a long conversation.

At first glance, Americans seem to be more open, because they are smiling more often, even to strangers, but behind a smile is a whole wall. This is not hypocrisy, it is an ordinary distance. It is easier with them at the first communication, if, of course, they do not cross the border, but it is more difficult to gain favor and complete trust.

We have the opposite. People who are sad and depressed towards strangers become open after a short conversation and often cannot keep their mouths shut. And this often causes problems. “Difficult in learning - easy in battle” can be paraphrased for Russian people in this way “Difficult at the beginning - easy later”.

It is not worth mentioning the USA in comparison to other countries too often. There is no need to brag about “and we have cheaper medicine in Russia” or something else. First, you look stupid, and second, you push people away from you.

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The discussion of other people also has the status of a banned topic. In America, for example, they do not pay the same attention to appearance as ours, if it is not some kind of event or reception, a party to a party. An American can safely go out for groceries in old clothes, even pajamas! And remember how much some of our people spend time before going to the store!

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