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All boundaries are erased: what the epilation master thinks about when working with your bikini area


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Epilation bikini zone is very different from the epilation, for example, legs. All boundaries are erased. This is an automatic, forced proximity, admitted master epilation, who wished to remain anonymous.

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But the most important thing is that a person who lies down on the table for wax depilation of the most intimate parts of the body feels much more vulnerable. I think that's why I became a kind of psychologist for my clients.

I make manipulations in their intimate areas while they are half-dressed. They believe that I will not evaluate them physically and therefore, I think, they believe that I will not evaluate them from a moral point of view either.

I learn a lot about people when I epilate them. We chat with most of the clients. While I'm down there, women talk about their romances. They talk about the tensions with friends, their terrible mother-in-law, husbands who work too much or too little. Clients come to me who have just gone through a divorce or learned about their partner's betrayal. For many of them, hair removal is a way to regain control of their body. She helps them start thinking about themselves again - for the first time in a long time.

Surprisingly, many come to hair removal after someone has died. This allows you to regain control of the body and life, which has turned into chaos. This is the physical equivalent of sorting papers in desk drawers.

In the female anatomy, nothing surprises me. But I never really look at intimate places. I focus more on the stiffness of the hair, the direction of its growth, on the annoying lonely hairs on the inner surface of the labia. I don't care about the rest - after the woman leaves, I no longer remember what her vulva looked like. I could just as well have epilated my toe. The sights and smells of the female body cease to evoke any feelings.

Clients are very afraid that they may inadvertently be described during the procedure, but this has not happened to me before. But with the monthly come constantly. They simply insert a tampon, and I keep the napkins on hand. But in such cases it is necessary to pay increased attention to hygiene. I wear gloves and constantly change spatulas. It turns out not very economically, but then the client returned.

At the same time, people happen to let out gases, lying on the table. Once I turned a client on her stomach, took her buttock off to the side, and she farted very loudly. She only giggled then, and we laughed together. But everyone is very concerned about this topic. I see people struggling to prevent this from happening. But it is unnatural! If this is the case, then this should happen.

To many of my clients from 28 to 32, there are also many women in the 40-45 age. Young prefer Hollywood hair removal (complete hair removal). Those who are older are more likely to choose a standard or deep bikini.

Women who do not have a permanent partner, come strictly on schedule and ruthless to the hair. Those who are in relationships appear less frequently and often say that they came because the partner aches because of the hair; it saddens me a little. Do hair removal when you want it, not your partner. There are also fitness fans who are in running clubs and drink fresh juices. They come on schedule and are always very neat. Those who do a lot of sports, in most cases, go for hair removal.

Everybody has a lot to do now, so I have to work fast. One day, my client spoke over video during a session. We set the table so that she looked relaxed and businesslike while I was doing the hair removal.

There are a lot of clients before the wedding season. Bikini area epilation is now done as often as manicure. Shows like Love Island make people talk about sex and their bodies more often, so showing intimate places to a stranger no longer requires the same composure.

The work definitely had an effect on my personal life, and because I listened all day to stories about other people's problems, my friends also began to perceive me as a waistcoat, in which it was convenient to cry. I have to remind myself that not everyone can be helped. There is a risk of not sleeping at night, worrying about the problems of my clients, so I forbid it to myself. I can not shoulder all their sorrows, it would be unbearable.

I had to grow thick skin, but I would never change jobs. I like the fact that clients leaving the salon feel lighter in many ways.

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