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What will your children remember when they grow up


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Small children rarely remember what happened to them at the age of a year and years before 6-7. But there are moments that are stored in the memory and relate to how the child grows up, how he will treat his own children.
If you want your children to have vivid and warm memories of their childhood, then be sure to do with them this.

1. Read them books. For a child, a book is a world of magic through which he learns the real world. Do not stop reading books before bedtime, even when your baby has already learned all the letters and can read it himself. In the future, the memory of an evening ritual with a book will be one of the most beautiful in the life of your child.

2. Listen to your children. The modern pace of life does not leave us time for long and detailed communication, and in the case of children it is especially difficult. "Wait a minute, I have no time now!" - This is the standard answer of any parent. Stop and listen to what your little one has to say. It is not important to you, but it is important to him. And it is likely that when you are free, he will already forget about what he wanted to tell you, or change his mind.
When the children hear such a response from the mother, they begin to be offended by you. Let it be a story about a bug or a drawing that the child has just painted - listen to it. There is no other moment and never will. And you can avoid future trauma.
In addition, a child who has become accustomed from early childhood to the fact that he is being listened to is not closed in himself at a later age. He trusts.

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3. Hug the children. Not for nothing, psychologists say that a person needs 8 hugs per day for happiness. And this concerns not only an adult, but also a small one.
My daughter 11 is years old, and sometimes she just comes running to me like that and says: “I need an urgent hug,” and this is very nice. Hugs give the child a sense of protection, confidence and peace. Do not ask if they need it, just hug.

4. Create family traditions. Let it be watching the movie on Saturdays, but it will only be your time - the whole family, with popcorn near the screen. Holiday traditions also matter. As adults, we always remember how our parents were preparing for Easter or Christmas.

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5. Eat together. Due to different schedules, families rarely get together at the same table. And even in the mornings, during breakfast, when parents have the opportunity to talk with their children, everyone sticks together in the screens of tablets, smartphones or TV. The news will wait, but the children will not. Lack of communication and joint meals have a very negative impact on family relationships. Loss of trust, warmth and communication. Let the joint be at least breakfast and, for example, dinner at the weekend, but spend time together with benefits, without gadgets.

6. Tell the children that they are the best in the world. The most beloved, the most intelligent, the most talented. It is important for children to know and remember that for their parents they are the best in everything.
If you do not forget about this rule - you will grow a successful and confident person.

7. Celebrate. In addition to standard holidays, there should be holidays that the child remembers. The end of the school year. Holiday because your son's team won the football. Holiday, because your daughter has successfully passed the exam. Such holidays strengthen family relationships and give the child to understand that all his achievements are important to you. Believe me, he will remember this for many years.

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8. Play together. Cubes – cars, then board games, hiking, cycling - all this will be deposited in the memory of your child. Choose first of all what your children like. Because a trip to which the parents were dragged by force to be together would not make your child happier. And the child remembers exactly those moments that brought him the greatest pleasure.

9. Always keep the promise. If you have promised to attend a concert where your child is performing, then you must do it. Broken promises inflict severe psychological trauma on children. When your baby is standing on stage or running around the football field, he will look for you with his eyes, this will give him confidence and give him the feeling that he is important and loved. A child can forget many unpleasant moments in his life, but the fact that you promised something and did not fulfill - never. In addition, it is also an educational moment. After several of these punctures, your child will be sure that this is okay.

10. Love children. Do not just tell them about it, but show it at every step. Attention, care, communication, tenderness and understanding. Love begets love - remember this.

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