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A numerologist about how utensils affect privacy


Source: Rambler

Star expert Olga Pertseva is sure that girls with a modest service have more chances for happiness.

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Remember how in childhood we were taught by our grandmothers that the way in a man’s heart lies through the stomach, and at the same time we lit up with various salad bowls, fruit vases and cuts dishes ... But times are changing! And, as it turned out, now the abundance of kitchen utensils can only harm its owner, writes Rambler.

Olga Pertseva, a numerologist, is sure that girls with a modest kitchen set are far less addicted to the routine, which means they have time for a more exciting pastime.

“We always have few cutlery and plates, often we use almost the entire service! I also had it and sometimes it still happens. If you leave everything as it is, you will spend a lot of time to deal with so many dishes, the expert is sure. - Leave just as many plates and appliances as needed for meals. When more guests are needed, you can always get it off the shelf. ”

It is curious that a large wardrobe, as well as a diary, or rather, its absence ... got into the black list of things that interfere with personal happiness.

“I agree with all the trends that believe that trash is killing our space. And not only him, but also our time, which we spend on putting things in order, doing laundry and in order to arrange everything in places. This also takes away our energy, which we can direct to a more correct direction, ”the expert continued.

Finally, leave the house with a clear plan of action ...

“When you leave home for business, you need to build your route so that you never go back. The circle should close only upon returning home, and all things should be done along the way! ”, Says Pertseva.

The list of things cultivating the right energy was yoga, a favorite hobby and chat with pets. According to the expert, dogs are perhaps the biggest donors of positive energy and vital for people with its deficiency.

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